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My acquaintance has coped with violence in a city, having asked the mayor to clean dealers meal from a central square

In an improbable case of a fire or other emergency situation easy leave a building through emergency exits - Floor O`Nil at ceremonial meeting on the occasion of its appointment as the general director of aluminium company Alcoa has told. We are ready to hear such speech from lips of the stewardess in the plane, but not from the head of the company entering a post. During that moment, in 1987, shareholders sitting in a hall and employees have thought that it is a joke. And in vain. Fixing adjoining on a paranoia has allowed O`Nilu to increase by safety for short term incomes Alcoa five times. Instead of change of technologies or structure of the organisation he has decided to change habits of employees.

a habit - the second nature, but our nature only the first of habits - told Blez Paskal. If you want to become the good Christian, it is not necessary to try at once to believe - he spoke. Try to go every day to a mass, to confess and prichashchatsja. When it will become a habit, the belief will come itself. Floor O`Nil, possibly, was follower Paskalja. It has built routine so that each head should think of safety constantly. To understand, why on manufacture there are failures, they had to plunge into industrial technologies (earlier among management it was not accepted). So production became more effective, expenses have fallen, quality has raised.

want to organise business or to inhale new life in the old? You can think up technology or create involving consumer image. But the greatest profits wait for those who will manage to create a new habit under the business. For example, it was possible to company Pepsodent which in the XX-th century beginning has imparted to millions people a habit every day to brush teeth.

the sensation of a touch on teeth which happens at the person who in time has not cleaned teeth, for many long years became the most important active of this company. A new habit to go to cafe - and billions Starbucks. The habit to gather for the areas, is fried meat, and then to throw cobble-stones the governmental buildings - and you receive structure of street violence in Iraq. One my acquaintance, the major of the American army, has coped with violence in a city where its military part settled down, only having asked the local mayor to clean dealers meal from a central square. Next day the crowd, as usual, has started to gather for the areas. By the evening it became more aggressive. But on an outcome of day the got hungry people have begun to search habitual lotochnikov with meal. And they were not. And the crowd has dispersed. So the violence managed to be won, having broken the settled habit.

the Habit in literal sense is written down in our nervous system. Habitual action - result expectation (for example, sensation of the cleaned teeth) - award reception. Our life is under construction of such cycles. To the business building difficult schemes of motivation of the consumer, there is a sense to reflect on council Paskalja, that human nature only the first of its habits.