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Also it is old and glad

Owners of company Senior Group have created in Russia a network of private houses for aged to prove: care about elderly — not only charitable business, but also profitable business.

at private house for aged Senior Group in settlement Akulovo, near to Odintsovo situated near Moscow, all walls are painted in the solar yellow. with the years the human eye all distinguishes intensity of paints is worse, the world fades and becomes gradually almost black - white. However the person is capable to distinguish yellow colour to the last - founder Senior Group Nikolay Kobljakov explains a choice koloristiki institutions for elderly clients. In 2007 he has decided to create alternative to the state houses for aged - the network of private residences first in Russia for older persons. With scientific scrupulousness it has studied all existing western standards and before opening of the first hotel for the elderly has gone round 24 residences in Great Britain, Belgium, France, Canada and the USA. Now Nikolay Kobljakov - one of the largest experts in work with aged in the world: on this question presidents of Russia consulted to it Dmitry Medvedev and France Nicolas Sarkozy, profile ministers of the Baltic States and Poland. Now at Senior Group three own residences in Moscow suburbs and two institutions, opened under the franchise in Kaliningrad and Kirov.

in the end of 2011 Kobljakov has completely sold the company old familiar - to Alexey Sidnevu and its partner (the sum of transaction is not disclosed) which by 2015 want to finish number of residences to 25. Kobljakov undertook to develop business in countries of Eastern Europe, having created the joint project with the French company Monroe and having started to build in Riga the first residence outside of Russia. In total by 2016 in the Baltic States will be five hotels for elderly an aggregate number of 1 thousand cots.

the gone buyer
Nikolay Kobljakov already has reserved to itself a place in residence for elderly in Canada. However, he assures, hotels Senior Group he builds so that if something happens adequately meet an old age it could and in them.

For the graduate of the well-known London school of economy LSE Nikolay Kobljakova creation of a network of residences for elderly became the degree project which in 2007 together with friends he has decided to realise. we have written I booze business - plans and have dispatched them on investment funds - Kobljakov who for project start has returned to Russia after seven years of life in Paris remembers. To sell a startup is more expensive, he has decided to show to potential investors: the model will work. Having occupied from friends about 1 million euro, he rented sanatorium in Monino with the obligation subsequently it to redeem, has made repair in one of cases and has occupied in it the first lodgers. Kobljakovu it was possible to sign the contract with the investor who planned to enclose in firm of 25 million euro. Money for the account, however, and have not been listed: there has come summer of crisis 2008, and the company has broken off the contract with Kobljakovym, having suggested to demand the promised payments through court.

to court Kobljakov did not begin to submit, but also project start has decided not to postpone. The company burnt 25 - 30 thousand euro a month, spending money for rent so Nikolay has hastily found the new investor - not state pension fund belonging to the Russian Railway (NPF) Well-being . Conditions on which NPF it was ready to enclose in a startup of 2 million euro, have appeared predictedly rigid. At the admission of any percentage payments the residence in Monino instantly carried over fund, as happens in 2010. By then, however, Kobljakov has managed to rise on feet and to open one more similar hotel so in Monino he has left a house for aged easy, having counted it is a payment for crisis overcoming.

Pies instead of medicines
- We a quite good variant for good investments: mid-annual loading of hotels situated near Moscow and boarding houses makes 65 % while at us 85 - 95 %, - Alexey Sidnev speaks. As well as Nikolay Kobljakov, it has received MVA in the West, having ended American business - school Tuck, and has learnt that private old people`s homes - profitable business, from an educational case.

as well as Kobljakov, he has decided to develop this business in Russia and even has got acquainted with founder Senior Group at project start - businessmen had a general acquaintance. In 2007 Sidnev has ordered in the company the Expert - date research which has shown: demand for private houses for aged in Russia is. Men of means with the income of $80 thousand a year, ready to pay residing at private houses for aged for the parents became target audience. According to the most conservative estimates, only in their Moscow it has appeared not less than 10 thousand The person. Soon, however, Sidnev was fond of other business and to idea to develop a network of private houses for aged has returned only after three years, having decided to look that in this time it was possible to make Kobljakovu. At heart I did not believe that this business can work in Russia - he speaks. But in residence on which it has arrived to look, smelt not as medicines, and pies - they were baked with enthusiasm by lodgers. It was much more similar to all vidennye Sidnevym the western analogues, than he expected.

together with the partner, whose name he does not name, Sidnev has suggested Nikolay Kobljakovu to sell all Russian business, having concentrated on development Senior Group in the Eastern Europe. The transaction has been closed in the end of 2011, and in April 2012 Alexey Sidnev has already opened new residence situated near Moscow Ulitkino On 50 persons, having persuaded the lessor to reconstruct a country house under needs of the older persons frequently moving in invalid carriages. Till the end of the year Sidnev plans to open three more own residences situated near Moscow on 50 persons, and to 2014 - mu to start to build the big residences - on 100 - 150 cots everyone.

a room for two
One of the first residences Senior Group in Akulovo is located in a three-storyed cottage. In one territory with it there is a private kindergarten so small and elderly inhabitants walk together and visit to each other on holidays. In a house for aged basically there live lodgers from 80 years and is more senior. In a room for two - beds, armchairs, the tables, two TVs, a rocking-chair and the walls, of course, painted yellow colour. On each door, besides the tablet with a name, any recognition symbol is drawn: a flower or an animal. It is necessary that elderly inhabitants have not lost the way and, even having forgotten road and own name, have oriented on the elementary emblem.

the basic inhabitants Senior Group (about 60 %) - the people having dementnye frustration (in popular speech - dotage). They suffer loss of memory and hardly are guided in space. In residence round the clock work the psychologist and nurses, some times in a week of lodgers the doctor and the psychiatrist examine. Every day with tenants the animator works: grandmothers are engaged in needlework, drawing and the other simple things developing a small motility or memory. Over each bed there is a disturbing button. Its pressing is displayed on a pager of the nurse on duty (they are on each of three floors). Cost of residing at residences depends on degree of leaving and makes from 1,9 thousand rbl. a day (more than 55 thousand rbl. a month) for people to whom the minimum support, to 3 thousand rbl. is necessary A day for bed patients (about 90 thousand rbl. a month).

In beat McDonald`s
the regional franchise should become the Main driver of development of the project, on a plan of new shareholders: till the end of their 2013 it is planned to realise 20, including five this year. To sell the franchajzi co-owners Senior Group technologies gather first of all: on each process - whether it be meal preparation, cleaning, washing of lodgers or work of the nurse - all actions are painted constantly. you do not need to waste time on considering as how to make: in this sense we are similar on McDonald`s - Alexey Sidnev speaks. While technological cards are simply paper folders where all features of the patient are written down and ticks or daggers mark, for example, reception of each tablet. However now the company develops similar IT - system which will be based on cloudy technologies. Inexpensive tablet devices will be necessary for its use franchajzi.

till now Senior Group sold franchises for 1 million rbl. - in so much they have managed to owners of residences in Kirov and Kaliningrad. However that residing at regional residences costed not 2 thousand rbl. a day as in Moscow suburbs, and a maximum 800 rbl., Sidnev plan to lower franchise cost twice, having left monthly payments for IT - system, certification of residence and its promotion through the Internet (for the franchise partners are going to enter a new brand). Investments into residence on 30 - 50 places, by calculations of Sidneva, should make nearby about 5 million rbl., or 100 - 150 thousand rbl. for a cot. At the same time investments in large residence in Moscow suburbs make about $10 million, and a project time of recovery of outlay - about seven years.

All over the world, founders Senior Group assure, in similar projects invest pension funds for which investments in real estate of social appointment are stimulated legislatively. In Russia no preferences in comparison with an investment, for example, in trading or office centre for NPF exist yet. Nevertheless, co-owners Senior Group assure, they carry on negotiations with pension funds. However the main calculation - on interest to Russia large western players: the American operators Brookdale, Emeritus and Sunrise and European Korian and Orpea. But they, assure founders Senior Group, will come only on the prepared soil as are interested in a network of the institutions numbering from 500 to 1 thousand of cots. On creation of those can leave about five years.

the comment of the expert
Tatyana Kamardina, the head of management of development of social projects FK Uralsib

It is said that well-being of the country is defined by how in it there live old men. Leaving in the European countries, you do not cease to be surprised, how there people of advanced age well and adequately look. All the matter is that the culture of responsibility brought up in the years for the old age in the West was generated. To have possibility to live in boarding house or to travel, in the majority of the developed countries people all life postpone means for pension age maintenance in various funds, banks and management companies.

in our country life before and after pension qualitatively differs. The reasons here set. Also has put, probably, not only at a rate of pension which the state can offer. Yes, the pension system is in process of reforming and yet does not correspond to the European programs. The charitable organisations practically are not engaged in system support of pensioners. Now business has become interested in this social problem.

Residing at good boarding houses demands solid investments. Therefore the future of this direction is faster behind private institutions for middle class. But niche filling needs time. And here already take care of increase in the size of provision of pensions our citizens can now. For example, to translate a memory part of labour pension in not state pension fund or a management company (while it was made only by 20 % of citizens).

In my opinion, it is necessary to work more many to generate in Russia the favorable environment for life of pensioners. The help of the state in memory pension system, and interest of business to old age problems, and social responsibility of business will be useful also - all it is possible at education in itself of respect for parents and older persons.