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The star balance

Glory comes and leaves, and money is necessary always. a firm Secret has found star startaperov which create the companies, capable to make profit, even when their owners will not show on TV.

the most popular variant star business - a public catering. Own restaurants in Moscow have opened Oleg Menshikov ( the Suitcase ) Feodor Bondarchuk ( the Roll Vanilla Bistrot), Andrey Grigoriev - Appolonov (Casino) and many other things. Holding Ginza Project has put start of such institutions on a stream: the company has opened eight of 38 bonus restaurants in partnership with stars. With Xenia Sobchak - Tverbul and the Bagel with Ivan Urgantom and Alexander Tsekalo - The the Garden etc. As a rule, showmen posess minority packages.

for example, Tina Kandelaki, under data SPARK - Interfax 5 % of restaurant " own only; Tinatin opened together with Ginza. Actors and showmen provide loud opening, and their person continues to involve clients - partner Ginza Dmitry Sergeev speaks.

Other popular direction - odezhnye boutiques (Phill 4 You Phillip Kirkorov, Black Star Timati and others) and beauty salons ( Hairdresser`s office Vlad Lisovtsa, Studio of manicure of Lena Leninoj and other).

All these projects are united by one - clients come on a loud name. To find startups where stars would count on interesting business - idea, it has appeared where more difficult.

gifts upwards

the Leader of group Hands up! Sergey Zhukov continues to go on tour and collect packed houses, but much more its platform the Internet interests. Last year it has started new project Beridari. ru. How many it is possible to buy each other in a gift of a frame, a candle and other stuff? - Sergey asks. Alternatively he has created the Internet - shop without price lists.

the Person whom the gift wants to give someone, comes on site Beridari. ru also pays the electronic certificate. Then by e-mail or SMS it is received by the person to whom the gift is intended. The highlight that on the certificate face value is not specified, and in the catalogue of gifts is not present price lists - if a gift more expensively the certificate, it simply it is not visible. The addressee does not know, how many the gift costs, and delivery will return to the sender. Now the portal works in a test mode - the advertising campaign is planned for May. The company has already sold 85 thousand certificates. The average check - about 1,5 thousand rbl. the Singer expects to occupy by the end of the year 10 - 15 % of the market of the gift certificates which volume now, by estimations NPD Group, Healthy pair

the Founder and the soloist popular in 1990 - e makes about $500 million

years of group And. To. S mission Andrey Sokolovsky since a youth is keen on a healthy way of life and oriental combat sports. With known TV presenter Gennady Malakhov Sokolovsky the expert has made friends just because of national medicine and east. Malakhov in the autumn of 2010 has left work on the First channel and Sokolovsky has suggested it to create new business.

in the spring of 2011 at several factories in Siberia and in Ural Mountains started contract manufacture of medical products, BUD and cosmetic means under a brand From Malakhov . The mark through MLM - a network " extends; health Club . People in small cities have no place to go, and we create branches where it is possible to drink to tea, something to discuss, maybe, yoga to work - Sokolovsky argues. The company already has representations in 45 cities of Russia (Bryansk, Krasnodar, Tomsk and others).

Since July, 2011 when the network has earned in a test mode, at a brand From Malakhov have appeared already more than 10 thousand distributors. The best as Sokolovsky assures, earn to 200 thousand rbl. a month.

not to laughter

a show Star Ours Russia Michael Galustjan has decided to create own enterprise which in the long term should bring in the income comparable to earnings from shootings of films and telecasts (about $3 million for the past year). In the beginning of 2012 it has registered the Producer centre Galustjan in which most

the actor posesses 95 %, and 5 more % own director Comedy Club Alexey Novatsky. It will be event - agency, now we search for employees - tells Galustjan. On official page of Galustjana there was an announcement that actors - animators for work abroad (hotels, kruiznye liners) - " are required; from singers, dancers to actors of a colloquial genre . Producer centre Comedy Club - the present business - an incubator. For example, Vadim Galygin last year has started to let out clothes for network Modis. In Modis are happy with cooperation: vests from resident Comedy Club are bought by every fifth client. And here Sergey Svetlakov has appeared not too successful businessman: in the spring of 2011 it has closed the Gift shop and holidays which has created in Ekaterinburg four years ago - ridiculous souvenirs have ceased to be on sale.