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Financial deficiency

a firm Secret brings April results to Become the businessman the joint project of our magazine and sotsseti Professionali. ru. One startapery search for investors, others — partners.

the video tool
Last months founders the Video tool Julia Oskina and Sergey Dodonov are occupied by negotiations with investors and the companies which select projects for investments. if to esteem publications in mass-media, the impression is made that the majority of investors with fire is searched in the afternoon by good projects which can grow in the big business, - Julia tells. - and we like as such project also is . As the proof some facts serve. In - the first, the American company Demand Media which analogue is the Video tool it is estimated by experts in $1,6 billion In - the second, at a startup Oskinoj and Dodonov is already created, debugged and automated technology of low budget manufacture. In - the third, at the Video tool there is a gain while many technological startups for years cannot brag of normal earnings and live off investors. At last, the startup - the project works in the growing market and in for the present free niche.

but investors do not hurry up to be put in the Video tool . the Next online - service on I will call a taxi easily finds investors - it is clear. Though with probability of 90 % this project will be failure as already it is a lot of such offers - Julia is surprised. Founders the Video tool do not lose courage and while calm itself stories the Internet - the giants which founders some years could not sell the projects to investors.

the Problem

Heads of service the Video tool Sergey Dodonov and Julia Oskina have decided to involve in the project additional investments. But meetings with large the Internet - businessmen have shown that those predpochtajut checked up business - models, and avoid new ideas. One investor has offered founders the Video tool to redeem at them of 50 % of shares of company for the sum equal to their initial investments into the project. Sergey and Julia have refused, as such transaction does not consider time and the forces spent by them on working out and start of service. Representatives of one large fund have become interested in the project, but have offered to the Video tool to grow up before business with an annual turnover $10 million Founders at the crossroads: their startup frightens off private investors novelty, and funds are ready to work only with large-scale projects.


Julia Oskina, soosnovatel the video tool :

- the Best comment has left Haim Lejviman, the head the World biofuel portal .

Haim has written that sometimes it is necessary to pass to hundred investors before you will find money for biofuel manufactures. That is we have early started to panic, as have done only the tenth part of work.

Apartator. ru
in March in Apartator. ru there has ahead of schedule come spring. under the thawed snow of doubts there were first snowdrops - poetically describes last month soosnovatel Apartator. ru Anton Malkov. In the middle of March heads of service have presented the project on court of bisons tourist online - the market: businessmen have visited on action Chain Reaction which was positioned as expert linch travel - startups . However, all has passed peacefully: Representatives of expert community have given to heads Apartator. ru reference points of development also have imparted experience. Besides, last month on Apartator. ru has earned new algorithm of processing of orders - intellectual search of apartments. If the habitation which has interested the client for the necessary dates is occupied, the system (an arrangement, cost, quantity of rooms) selects similar objects for various criteria. March activity of heads Apartator. ru has led to that on monthly results the service gain has made 107 thousand rbl. that in nine times more, than in February.

a problem

last month heads of service Apartator. ru Anton Malkov and Dmitry Linnik have faced conversion falling in connection with change of design of a site. However they quickly managed to solve this problem.

formation of the partner program - work with sites which possibility to reserve apartment through Apartator will be built in should become the Following stage in project development. ru. But at Linnik and Malkova while is not present accurate understanding how more effectively to organise partnerku . Now founders Apartator. ru want to offer counterparts from third to half of income from each order made through partner sites. How much this offer is favourable in comparison with already existing partner programs? Whether truly the decision to share with the partner the income of real sales or it is necessary to be switched to payment even for not taken place demands? Whether it is necessary to be focused on five - ten partners or it is better to enter into one partner network?


Anton Malkov, soosnovatel apartator. ru:

- We hoped to receive more comments from the people who have already organised partner programs.

Igor Vargaftik, the director Agencies of special commissions has thrown to us good ideas which we will necessarily use. Sergey Gorobinsky`s councils were not less useful. He has commented on a problem from the point of view a web - masters, has offered interesting decisions and has told about a rake on which it is not necessary to come.


Maxim Andrjuhin, the head of Russian representation BayRu:

- Conditions of cooperation which are offered by founders Apartator. ru, can quite interest potential partners. Now the standard offer under the partner program - 200 - 500 rbl. for the paid order. As the purpose in business - models Apartator. ru concrete transactions are, it is logical to share with partners profit on real sales. It would be useful to enter bonus system: The partner receives, for example, the fixed 30 % of the commission for the paid order, but at achievement of those or other indicators of sales its share increases, say, on 50 - 60 %. Each next month a bonus is nulled. I would advise to heads of service to pay attention on Myragon. ru, Mixmarket. biz, Admitad. com. It is not necessary to be afraid of partner networks - work with them gives not only result, but also good experience which will help with construction of own programs. I recommend to look independently on the Internet of a platform with the high traffic and suitable target audience.

in March founders AlexGarudo Anton Kudryavtsev and Elena Berezina were engaged in completion of the site - businessmen prepare for footwear sales across all Russia. Recently owners AlexGarudo have got acquainted with logistical startup Top Delivery which for the present does not deliver the goods Moscow the Internet - shops on all country, but covers the most interesting for online - sellers of a city. Top Delivery, according to Kudryavtsev, it is capable to provide operative delivery of the goods and, moreover, is ready to help with service realisation primerka . AlexGarudo can send to buyers some sizes or footwear models, and Top Delivery will return not approached steams. it will manage to us in more than reasonable money even in comparison with the delivery price across Moscow! - Anton rejoices.

founders AlexGarudo have spent joint promotion action about the Internet - shop of socks 3socks. ru. The companies have exchanged advertising possibilities - mailing on bases of clients and banners on the main pages of the sites. In spite of the fact that AlexGarudo offered buyers 3socks. ru discount of 40 %, any order yet was not. However, and visitors Alexgarudo. ru have got under the action only one pair socks.

the action with the largest site of discount coupons Biglion which AlexGarudo has spent in the beginning of April, has appeared more productive. Thanks to splash in sales gain AlexGarudo from February till March has increased more than twice (the schedule see). Growth of sales has appeared timely: warehouse stocks of footwear at the company considerable and circulating assets for development of business does not suffice. However, successful from the point of view of sales March all - taki has suggested an idea businessmen: to start to work on - large, investments " very would be useful;.

the Problem

Founders AlexGarudo Anton Kudryavtsev and Elena Berezina have analysed a portrait of the potential buyer of footwear on the Internet. Results of research have shown: In most cases the client searches for familiar mark or footwear model (more often, eminent brands), but thus wants to receive it more cheaply, than in usual shops . Better to say, buyers aspire to get something concrete at floor price. This thesis has put new problems before businessmen.

in - the first, and Berezina it is necessary for Kudryavtsev to raise popularity of mark. In - the second to give to the client possibility to estimate quality of footwear to the order. Opening and the maintenance own oflajn - shops will manage the expensive. And on the general regiments in shoe retail AlexGarudo it will be lost : counters which are used by the company, - shoe trade - in and a lifelong guarantee on production will not help even. Therefore businessmen search for a way how to acquaint buyers with footwear AlexGarudo.


Anton Kudryavtsev, soosnovatel AlexGarudo:

- It would be desirable to allocate readers who have looked at our problem from the opposite points of view. That it is better - it is necessary to understand.

Egor Kovrigo suggests to give the chance to clients to feel our footwear virtually and to make it so that at people does not remain doubts in a choice. And Timur Gibadullin considers exactly on the contrary and advises to leave in oflajn with promostojkami - so, in its opinion, people can not only see, but also touch our footwear.

Tutti Arti
last month has brought to foundress Tutti Arti Elena Krylovoj of new partners. Completely sold party of souvenirs for the Tretyakov gallery became the main good luck of the end of March - the beginnings of April trial and already. Tutti Arti has prepared for one of the most grandiose exhibitions of the Tretyakov gallery Konstantin Korovin. Painting. Theatre. To 150 - letiju from the date of a birth Collection from metal bookmarks with oval suspension brackets and round kulonov on a tape with fragments of nine products of Korovin. Now Elena prepares one more party for an exhibition.

Besides, last month the businesswoman has visited the Museum of art of the people of the East. Now Elena orders the impressions to develop the concept, to protect it before a museum and to make east a collection of souvenirs Tutti Arti.

In parallel Elena continues cooperation with the first partner - museums of the Moscow Kremlin. Besides new party of souvenirs - ornaments for an exhibition of sculptor Henry Moore, the businesswoman together with artists of the company Softstich - M develops a new variant of souvenir costume jewellery with embroidery use.

the Actual problem

In the work Elena Krylovoj constantly should use images. And though till now problems with copyrights did not arise, the girl is assured: claims will appear sooner or later. She would like to know, of whom to request rights of use.

pitches itself
In March souchreditel Pitches itself Dmitry Jakovlev has faced for the first time the unfair relation from the partner. The Yaroslavl retail shop with which the company co-operated, was closed, preliminary on it without having notified. It has turned out so that the employee Pitches itself as usual, has brought to shop the production, but has seen the lock on a door. Now Jakovlevu should return from shop - the partner money for already realised production. However, it was unique trouble which has happened with businessmen from Pitches itself last month.

Dmitry Jakovlev has realised that it is necessary to use cloudy technologies not only for the economic activities account, but also for creation of tools of sales. On the basis of service Storeland businessmen have created the Internet - shop of joint purchases Pekisamsp. ru (monthly payment for platform use - 250 rbl.). Probably, the design of our new shop will seem to someone too simple, but its functionality suits us - the businessman tells. The first orders already have gone.

according to Dmitry Jakovleva, now for Pitches itself the main advertising is a qualitative work with organizers of joint purchases. The matter is that each such organizer on a site has a section Hvasty (derivative of a verb to brag ) Where participants of purchases share interesting recipes from products which they have got. Similar boasting gives excellent effect sarafannogo radio. The information about Pitches itself extends between cities, on Dmitry Jakovleva`s expression, promptly .

the Actual problem

Pitches itself is going to begin work as a platform on advancement of farmer products. According to company founders, it should interest both consumers, and farms. But how to adjust effective interaction? What difficulties wait ahead?

in the first of April the founder Gridli Alexey Karpov has let out new, the second under the account, the catalogue of legal services. This time it has replenished with a set online - services which have appeared at the company. Now Carps with a command develop service under the name

My personal lawyer . She will allow clients to address with inquiries about a site through the Private office to see the previous references, to watch the permission of current disputable situations and many other things. As Alexey Karpov tries to use the Internet as the second for the importance after sarafannogo radio of a way of advancement of services, Gridli soon will appear in sotssetjah - Facebook, In contact ZHZH and Twitter. In parallel the businessman masters various ways of advertising and in May plans promotion action with distribution of leaflets.


164 % make monthly average rates of increase of the company Gridli following the results of work half a year. In March the turn of legal office has reached 59 thousand rbl. That on 27 % more than February result

the Actual problem

On the most demanded legal services Gridli establishes the fixed price, but there are also additional services with hourly payment. Alexey Karpov wants to understand, the information on what services it is necessary to inform to clients first of all to build with them long-term cooperation.

in the end of March businessman Vadim Tarasov participated in the first Russian Co - Investment Day - the action which has collected in one hall of representatives of leading venture funds and business - angels of Russia. One of startups of Tarasova - Jetka - has passed selection round, having taken an honourable fifth place, and has got to threedtsatku finalists as whom organizers of action have allowed to act with presentations.

after Russian Co - Investment Day the businessman has received some letters from become interested Jetka funds, and Tarasov has already communicated to a part of potential investors. the basic result - we were lighted among those who is necessary to us, and have won reputation interesting, perspective and investitsionno attractive the project - Tarasov shares pleasure. High-grade start Jetka has taken place in January of this year, and in March, without any advertising activity, the startup has already shown a gain of 41,3 thousand rbl. the Project is positioned for the companies - clients as autsorsingovaja commercial service with a slogan we Will sell for you . The Primary goals on the nearest half a year - to leave on break-even and as soon as possible to deduce the project on the foreign markets. For realisation of last purpose Vadim Tarasov wants to involve investments at a rate of $1 million