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Reaction of actions Uralkalija on the report and dividends there was neutral

a First reaction of actions Uralkalija on the report which has left on April, 11th for the 2011 which has not justified expectations, and also on news about additional dividends, it has appeared neutral. By 10:51 MOSCOW TIME actions Uralkalija at a Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange stock exchange - RTS 219,83 roubles for a joke that on 0,3 % below level of Tuesday cost. Decrease in papers of the company has occurred in frameworks obshcherynochnoj a descending tendency. According to the report on MSFO, net profit Uralkalija taking into account results Silvinita in 2011 has made $1,527 mlrd that in 1,6 times has exceeded results Uralkalija and Silvinita in 2010. Analysts expected company net profit at level $1,719 billion In the second half of the year net profit Uralkalija has made $733 million (a consensus - the forecast - $925 million). Board of directors Uralkalija Recommended to shareholders at annual meeting on June, 7th to make decision to pay dividends for 2011 at a rate of 4 roubles on the action, it is told in the company message. In December shareholders of the company have already made decision to pay intermediate dividends at a rate of 4 roubles on the action. The register of shareholders for participation in meeting is closed on April, 26th, informs Interfax .