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EIA has lowered the forecast of world consumption of oil in 2012

Management of the power information of the USA (EIA) has lowered the forecast of world consumption of oil in 2012 and has raised the extraction forecast. In monthly report EIA has lowered the forecast of daily average consumption to 88,81 million barrels from 88,96 million in March and has raised the forecast of daily average extraction to 88,97 million barrels from 88,71 million Extraction in the countries which are not entering into the OPEC, according to management, will make 52,67 million barrels a day whereas the March forecast has made 52,46 million, transfers RIA News . Extraction in Iran which is under rigid sanctions of the USA and the European Union, can be reduced this year almost to 15 %, or 500 thousand barrels a day, to 3,05 million by the end of the year, is told in the report. extraction decrease in Iran has started to be accelerated in the last quarter 2011 and proceeds now. According to EIA, this acceleration is caused by a lack of the investments necessary for indemnification of natural reduction of extraction. A number of the foreign companies which invested in oil recovery in Iran, have stopped work as a result of the previous sanctions against Iran - has informed statistical department of the Department of Energy of the USA.