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The Moscow City Council has confirmed new territorial division of Moscow

Moscow City Council on August, 11th has passed of change in the law About territorial division of a city of Moscow describing borders of territories existing and attached to capital. Thus the quantity of prefectures while remains former - ten. Change of borders of capital will occur on July, 1st, 2012, to this term the transition period appears. As a result of expansion on jugo - the West Moscow leaves on border with the Kaluga region. In total to capital will pass 21 municipal union, including two city districts - Troitsk and Shcherbinka, and also 19 city and rural settlements entering into Podolsk, Lenin and Narofominsky areas of Moscow suburbs. Also to Moscow the part of territory of Odintsovo and Krasnogorsky areas of Moscow suburbs, and to Moscow suburbs - a site in Kurkino the area of 1,4 hectares where the centre of the Ministry of Emergency Measures across Moscow Region settles down departs. The document describes borders both old, and the new city territories - Tatyana Portnov has told the chairman of the commission of capital parliament on the state building and local government. Thus she has noticed that while in territory of Moscow 10 prefectures remain, but in attached territories they also will be created. executive power " should solve this question; - quotes the deputy of the PRIME.