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The descriptive algebra

In the Tretyakov gallery on Crimean to the Shaft has opened an exhibition Peter Mituricha`s Drawing. To 125 - letiju from the date of a birth . From museum store rooms have got about sixty drawings and lithographs still sense of the unknown Russian avant-gardist, the ancestor of the whole artistic dynasty of Miturichej - Hlebnikovyh. Tells Anna TOLSTOV.
the exhibition is insignificant, only two halls, in the first, mainly, drawings a pencil, black or graphitic, in the second - drawings ink. As to a pencil and the hulk, Peter Miturich (1887 - 1956) was - a word will not pick up - not the virtuoso, not the master, and the standard. The standard in respect of media. In how the ink generously typed by a brush, lays down a juicy damp blot on a tree trunk, withers in breaks of branches and absolutely thaws in the liquid spring foliage, rubbed in a paper it is not so so much hairs, how many shank. How dashing and as if negligent there where a floor, a wall, trousers, tolstovka, pencil shading suddenly as if all would gather, getting artillery accuracy around a small beard, a nose and eye-glasses, and from darkness skulpturno the person of biologist Vladimir Hlebnikova, the father of the Chairman of globe acts. In how each grain of sheet and in those places where it is left absolutely pure, seems it is graphic the filled. That two early drawings colour pencils look where more poorly in the coloristic relation, than the others, it is black - white which palette - Claude Monet would envy. Miturich there was the born schedule, and such way of thinking - sketches, sketches - in general svojstven to avant-guard. Peter Mituricha`s relation to avant-guard can be reconstructed at this chamber exhibition step by step.

1918, flying machine project - the winged whatnot, a hybrid of a bicycle with a propeller on which the person will soar under heavens, aki a bird. In it - all Miturich, all sides of the nature. The artist - the engineer, new Leonardo, comes from hereditary military men and itself there would be an officer, kaby have not expelled from military school for storage of the illegal literature, the pupil batalista Samokisha which have left from him military - art expedition on front in 1915 - the m drawing brand new French airplanes as captivated, arriving in flight school (have not accepted) and then all life inventing (there are patents) ornitoptery, the planes waving wings, as albatrosses. And the artist - the futurist, the revolutionary and the romanticist, Vladimir Tatlina, Nikolay Punina, Lva Bruni friend and all habitues legendary apartments N5 a staff - apartments of Petrograd avant-guard at Imperial Academy of Arts.

1918, pair of drawings from school Cycle - with the big-eyed tadpoles who have grasped abc-books among falling together with all old world kubisticheskih of walls and windows. These sketches about the natures made in village Borok of Krestetsky district of the Novgorod province where its first wife edified and where it came both on personal, and on office questions - in quality the emissary of the fine arts Department of average educational institutions Narkomprosa, on - are children`s naive: subsequently Miturich will write the whole treatise about children`s creativity of which it was fond long before the apologist ar - brjut Jean Djubjuffe.

a Number almost or absolutely pointless works made about 1920, the culmination of avant-garde searches of Mituricha. Developed by a spiral Prudik gives out acquaintance to the concept expanded smotrenija Michael Matyushin. spatial painting - Apparently, unique from the remained designs from a paper and a cardboard, painted by ink, over which Miturich worked, when Tatlin conjured with the counterreliefs. The collage spotted with mysterious figures on a theme time Law Velimir Hlebnikova - Miturich, the friend, an executor, the witness of last days of the Chairman of globe, after death of the poet carried its manuscripts to mathematicians, among them and Nikolay Luzin. Probably, on a subject to learn, whether Velimir has opened casually the Universe formula.

and, at last, the Santalovsky cycle of 1922: banka at a ravine, Last word Yes and Velimir Hlebnikov on the deathbed as the Dead Christ Golbejna Younger, as Gravestone crying Michael Vrubel. After this death Peter Mituricha`s life has considerably changed. And personal: He has divorced, married sister Hlebnikova with whom earlier it was hardly familiar, has torn with the former circle. And art: it has torn with bespredmetnichestvom. With 1922 - go and further when taught in VHUTEMASe when VHUTEMAS have covered when Mituricha whom vhutemasovskaja the school competed to school Favorsky, have forgotten, the drawing graphic in strict sense of a word has gone. It would be possible to think that it has surrendered on favour to a socialist realism. It would be possible to suspect that it has left in internal emigration, the blessing plots - the wife, children, friends, the near circle, a drawing room, ficuses at a window, parks, zoos, summer residences, palings lop-sided zaborchikov, trees - to such thought have. But is not present: neither a trace sotsrealisticheskogo populism, nor a hint on leaving in an underground. This drawing does not run behind the world, does not catch at a visible reality as for a straw, opposite: she forces us to learn in each real branch easy miturichevskuju shading. Forces to feel that the nature lives in a uniform rhythm (not to confuse to a rhythm of great buildings of a socialism), set, perhaps, those hlebnikovskimi numerical sequences.