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the Motor car park of Moscow has grown, and the choice for car thieves " has grown;

In capital began to steal more cars, analysts have found out. It is noticed that steal representatives of Japanese and Korean car industry more often. The statistics is connected with the general growth of quantity of cars in Moscow, experts, and also with a transition period in the ranks of law enforcement bodies believe.
the number of autostealings has increased in Moscow. In 2011 13 thousand citizens became victims of malefactors in capital almost. It for ten percent more than in 2010. For three months of this year it has been stolen about two and a half thousand cars, it is informed in the report of the operator of services of panel protection Caesar Satellit . Among car thieves cars of the Korean manufacture are most popular, the director for business development " has told; Caesar Satellit Igor Heresh.

As well as last year, in it is the basic accent car thieves did on cars of Japanese manufacture, it as middle class, that is cars approximately with the price characteristic of 800 thousand - 1,5 million, and cars expensive. Koreans - Hyundai cars, KIA " are more actively and more actively shown in first ten car which are in great demand at car thieves; - he marks.

Growth of number of stealings is connected with the general increase in cars in Moscow for the last year, the assistant to the editor-in-chief of magazine " considers; At the wheel Igor Morzharetto.

It should be expected for two reasons. In - the first, the park of Moscow has grown on 10 %, accordingly, the base for car thieves has grown, the choice for them has grown. And the second moment here that there was a so-called reform of militia, there were any certifications, reductions, naturally. Than our remarkable law enforcement bodies were engaged? Tried to understand, how it to live further. Someone prepared for certification, someone spent her. In general, in muddy conditions when there is a reform, naturally, the criminality increases. The city actively is going to build parking, parkings, it is good, though under any supervision there will be cars. And also everyone should care of itself(himself), first of all, the alarm system to put. And in - the third, at us insignificant enough part of cars is insured from stealing. For today the insurance is the best means from stealing even if the car have stolen, the owner remains with something - he concludes.

by quantity of stealings of a car in capital in 2011 East district is in the lead, there has been stolen 1,5 thousand cars. Least abductions has occurred in the north of Moscow where the transport have lost 1,1 thousand automobile owners.