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Mitt Romni remains one in campaign

to Rik Santorum declared an exit from presidential race. The unexpected decision eks - the senator from the State of Pennsylvania taking the second place in campaign of republicans, does a race outcome predetermined and allows its favourite Mittu Romni to concentrate on struggle against the working president of the USA.
the preschedule termination of struggle for a post of US president Rik Santorum declared in the native staff. Illness of his younger daughter Bells became officially main reason. In opinion of experts to declare a preschedule exit from race eks - the senator was forced by prospects of defeat in Pennsylvania - prajmeriz there will pass on April, 24th, and according to last polls Mitt Romni can gain a victory.

As have informed in a staff eks - the senator, the day before he has called Mittu Romni, has informed on the decision and has assured that is ready to do the utmost, to inflict defeat over president Obama . In the answer, by words a press - the secretary of candidate Hogana Gidli, Romni has suggested to meet and discuss conditions, on which Santorum can publicly support a nominee of the former governor.

experts consider that the unexpected decision eks - the senator definitively unties hands to the favourite of pre-election race. Till now the staff of Romni has been compelled to spend the basic resources for placing of commercials with criticism of the main competitor. This struggle was especially strained in southern states of the USA where the majority of voters is made by Christians - evangelists and supporters of conservative movement Tea drinking . Now even in the extremely right organisations recognise that the exit from struggle of Santoruma does not leave to republicans of a choice. now at Romni does not remain obstacles to become the uniform candidate, - the co-chairman of the influential Convention of southern baptists Richard Lend has declared. - And to all of us if we want that Obama has lost elections, it is necessary to vote for Romni .

However, in republican race while remain eks - the speaker of Congress Njut Gingrich and congressman Ron the Floor. The first counts that it will manage to collect a votes the majority of the present conservatives which supported Rika Santoruma, and the destiny of a presidential nomination will be solved on the National convention of Republican Party in Florida in the end of August. But the management of republicans, seemingly, was already defined with a choice. Past Tuesday it became known that the national party committee has finished negotiations with a selective staff of Mitta Romni about creation of the general fund for joint financing of its future presidential campaign.