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the Thai authorities undertake efforts on export by buses of people from coastal zones

the Tourists having a rest in coastal areas of island Phuket, are evacuated in the central areas, inform news agencies. In Jugo - East Asia more than one and a half hours have occurred strong earthquake back. In six provinces of Thailand tsunami threat is declared. A press - the embassy secretary of Russia in Thailand Vitaly Anotov has discussed a situation with leader Margarita Poljansky.
- About evacuation all - taki: it is official evacuation or it is simple tourists temporarily transport? How to define borders?

- I Will begin with the beginning. As a result of an event today earthquakes in Jugo - East Asia, the Thai authorities declared threat of a tsunami for six southern provinces of kingdom, including, traditionally popular among Russians and island Phuket, and provinces of Krabi and Phang Nga. Under the information which are available in embassy for today by the current moment, the Thai authorities undertake efforts on export by buses of people from coastal zones on a height, there, where water theoretically cannot get.

- and it is already known, how many tourists are evacuated?

- you know, though the tourist season now approaches the termination, nevertheless, the quantity of Russians in these zones is estimated in thousand, therefore, basically, it is considerable enough, but exact quantity, unfortunately, it is impossible to name.

- Already the emergency response centre, as far as I know, is opened. When there will be a hot line how it will be possible to learn in general, including to people in Russia, what with their relatives and relatives?

- Besides on an embassy site there is phone, say, phone of diplomats on duty. On it it will be possible to contact embassy. But under the information by the current moment while nobody has suffered.

- While it, I so understand, preliminary all - taki the data.

- Is not present, the data not preliminary as by the current moment anything else has not occurred.

- and it is possible still as - that to comment on these statements from the president of Indonesia that all - taki threats of a tsunami are not present, the information from local experts according to all available information: there will be all - taki a tsunami, will not be, or for the present early to speak?

- you know, to speak about it while early. Besides, this situation is difficultly predicted. Opinions of experts, even local, it is separated. Someone says that if within two hours will occur nothing, basically, threat any is not present. But by estimations of other sources, experts, it can occur in a near time, therefore as though to predict a situation difficult.