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The USA have accepted the next sanctions against Iran

the Senate of the USA unanimously has approved acceptance of new economic sanctions concerning Iran, transfers AP. New interdictions have concerned two state oil companies - National Iranian Oil and National Iranian Tanker. Thus authors of the document intend to stop export of the Iranian oil.
new sanctions oblige all companies, whose actions bargain at stock exchanges of the USA, to notify the American Commission on securities on any transactions with Iran. Measures will concern also any transactions with Islamic Republic in power sphere. Besides, sanctions concerning private persons and the companies delivering to Iran production, used for dispersal of demonstrations are provided.
we will notice that sanctions concerning Islamic Republic have been accepted in connection with suspicion of the Iranian party in manufacturing of the nuclear weapon. The report of the International organisation on atomic energy (IAEA) in which it was said that Iran to 2003 became a principal cause. Conducted the works directed on creation of the nuclear weapon, and that similar activity can be conducted and to this day. Iran, in turn, assures that the nuclear program of the country has exclusively peace character.
the European Union on January, 23rd 2012. Has approved a new package of sanctions concerning Iran, called to reduce sources of financing of the nuclear program of the country. EU council has entered an interdiction for import, acquisition and transportation of the Iranian oil and oil products, and also financial to them financial and insurance operations. The interdiction comes into force on July, 1st 2012.