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Political scientists: the White house will be supervised the government of the Kremlin

Today the president of Russia Vladimir Putin has confirmed structure of the administration, the former ministers Andrey Fursenko, Tatyana Golikova, Igor Levitin, Rashid Nurgaliev and other prominent representatives of the former structure of ministry have entered into it. Known Russian political scientists have told, what influence the Presidential Administration and for what will receive Vladimir Putin of visors to the Kremlin the former ministers.
to the expert of Institute of national strategy Pavel Svjatenkovu of shift have reminded global castling. It turns out that heads who have left the ministries, become assistants to the president and, possibly, in this quality will supervise the former departments. Thus attracts attention that now will be two first deputies of the head of administration. Since Vladislav Surkova there was only one, but now Vyacheslav Volodina will have a competitor in the name of were a press - the secretary of president Alexey Gromova - the political scientist marks.
ministers irritating the public who caused the constant criticism, simply have passed from the government in Presidential Administration. that is it turns out that actually in Presidential Administration there is a parallel government which, probably, that or otherwise will supervise the government authentic. Similar duplication would be excessive, if those ministers who are in the government, would possess sufficient powers and sufficient trust from a state management - P.Svjatenkov considers.
In turn the deputy director of the Center of political technologies Alexey Makarkin notices that at assistants to the president - not the big device which cannot change the ministry. However these assistants will have a direct exit on the president and can keep influence and on the former departments, that is in this sense the big device is not necessary to them.
as A.Makarkin`s example results the assistant to the president on social problems - Tatyana Golikovu who has simply left in the government of the people (Ministers of Health and work and sotszashchity there were T.Golikovoj`s former assistants - Veronica Skvortsova and Maxim Topilin). The political scientist assumes, what exactly T.Golikova chose candidates on a post of social ministers, therefore it will keep serious enough informal influence.
at us the government is responsible for economy. And here it turns out that for economy answers also the whole group of assistants to the head of the state. Here there is a question: who main and who bears real responsibility. And, usually at us main is the one who has a direct exit on the real head of the state. Now at us the real head and the official head are united in one figure. V.Putin already shows that is going to supervise the most different spheres of the state life. And, most likely, the role of assistants here will be high enough. It can affect efficiency of accepted decisions - tells A.Makarkin.
at the same time P.Svjatenkov considers such structure of the power enough unstable. Most likely, it during this or that period of time will undergo to correction. similar parallelism when the whole group of the former heads of departments has found to itself a refuge in Presidential Administration, we did not see already for a long time. The Presidential Administration usually supervised a political component of the Russian political process, and economic questions remained to the discretion of the government which from Soviet period was considered as an economic organisation. In this case ministers have passed in administration, it turns out that the administration will be engaged in too economic affairs. It turns out that at us a certain double government - the political scientist ascertains.