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D.Medvedev: to Operate the country it is capable only an United Russia

Except an United Russia in the Russian Federation there is no other political force, capable to operate the state. Such opinion was stated by the prime minister - the minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev during visiting of primary branch an United Russia the Moscow area Ramenki, transfers a press - party service.
in my opinion, the party has all possibilities that in long-term prospect to keep in the lead positions. A question not only in that, how many percent who and where types - a question in, whether takes on itself this or that political force responsibility for the country - the prime minister has underlined.
we have now in the country other political force which is capable to operate the state? Force which is capable to take up all completeness of responsibility? In my opinion, is not present - D.Medvedev ascertained.
we Will remind, this morning it became known that D.Medvedev has written the declaration of accession in an United Russia . Today the party membership card has been handed over it.
in April of this year D.Medvedev has accepted the offer to enter in an United Russia and to lead this party. In its opinion that the political system of Russia was the modern developed political systems developed and similar to the majority, any future leader an United Russia should be the party member. The head of the state has expressed confidence that the party leader will always follow an example.
on May, 26th 2012. In Moscow will pass congress an United Russia . During congress it is planned to select the head of party. It is supposed that D.Medvedev becomes them.