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The bill of million penalties for meetings has passed the first reading

the State Duma has approved in the first reading the bill toughening administrative responsibility for infringements at the organisation and carrying out of mass actions. Respective alterations in the Administrative code have been initiated earlier by group of deputies from fraction an United Russia .
- Alexander Sidjakin - did not begin to hide One of their authors that amendments are directed against opposition. prepare a cache, AppAzitsYonEry:) - he has written earlier in the microblog in Twitter.
the Bill offers to enter a new kind of punishment - obligatory works for from 20 till 200 o`clock. The maximum size of penalties for infringements on meetings for citizens from present 5 thousand rbl. to 1 million rbl. and from 50 thousand rbl. to 1,5 million rbl. - for officials Besides, raises.
in case of acceptance of the project the penalty for hindrance of the organisation or to carrying out of meeting, meeting, demonstration, procession or picketing, or participation in them of citizens, no less than to their compulsion to it will make for citizens from 10 thousand to 900 thousand rbl. (now - 100 rbl.), and for officials - from 50 thousand to 1, 5 million rbl. (now - from 100 to 300 rbl.).
In turn infringement of the established order of carrying out of mass actions will turn back for their organizers the penalty from 10 thousand to 1 million rbl. (now - from 1 thousand to 2 thousand rbl.) And for participants from 1 thousand to 900 thousand rbl. (now - from 500 rbl. to 1 thousand rbl.) . Citizens also can be inflicted to punishment in the form of obligatory works, but in this case them cannot force free of charge work for the blessing of a society more than 4 hours per day.
the penalty in a wide range from 1 thousand to 1 million rbl. will punish also for the organisation or carrying out of unapproved actions in immediate proximity from territory of nuclear installation, point of storage of nuclear materials or radioactive substances. To similar punishment, including obligatory works, will subject also active participants of such actions, if their carrying out has complicated performance by the personnel of the specified objects of official duties or has created threat of safety of the population and environment it is told in the document.
however, predictably, to the second reading of the sum of penalties will be lowered. A number of the future amendments contains in the decision approved by members of parliament.
the Document offers to lower to the second reading the maximum lath under penalties for infringements on meetings. As the head of fraction " earlier has informed; an United Russia Andrey Vorobev, they can be reduced from the 1,5 million rbl. provided by the project to 300 thousand rbl. for participants of mass actions. According to the head of committee of the State Duma of the constitutional legislation and Vladimir Pligina`s state building, deputies simultaneously will raise the bottom lath under penalties - from 5 thousand rbl. to 20 - 30 thousand rbl.
To the second reading also is planned to toughen seriously rules of the organisation and carrying out of mass actions. More severe punishment is offered to subject for actions which have led to a tresspass to health or property of the person, and also have created complexities on roads and have compelled the authorities to involve for meeting additional forces, including police. Excess before the declared number of participants of mass actions becomes gross infringement, follows from the decision.
in the State Duma also suggest to put a legislative barrier on a way of the actions similar to festivals passed in Moscow and other cities. First of all deputies intend to assign to local authorities preparation of the list of the places resolved for actions. Itself mass simultaneous stay of citizens in the places forbidden for actions, similar on public action will be considered as an administrative offence if it has caused a number of negative consequences. Among them - infringement of a public order, sanitary rules, behaviour rules in public places, functioning of objects of life-support and communication, a tresspass to green plantings, creation of hindrances to movement of pedestrians or transport, access of citizens to objects of an infrastructure or entailed a tresspass to health of the person or property.
besides it, in the State Duma suggest to establish to the second reading a number of restrictions for organizers of mass actions. In the law there will be the norm supposing possibility of a recognition by organizers of actions not of those who made an application on their carrying out, and who actually supervised over actions of participants of public action .
Thus deputies consider necessary to enter an interdiction to act as organizers of mass actions to citizens who at least were twice involved in administrative liability of infringement of rules of the organisation and carrying out of such actions. In case of acceptance of this norm the interdiction will operate within a year from the date of the termination of execution of the decision about punishment appointment.
in the rights to the organisation and carrying out of meetings persons with not removed or outstanding previous conviction for commission of crime against a public order or safety also will be limited, is told in the decision project.
it is not excluded that organizers will bear responsibility for the harm caused by participants of public action, in case of nonacceptance of the measures necessary for prevention of a tresspass " by them;.
It is noticed that deputies will not hesitate with acceptance of the new law and plan to finish over it work till June, 12th 2012., when the opposition will spend the next protest actions in Moscow and other cities. Meanwhile V.Pligin has assured that deputies will have at least a week to make amendments to the second reading.
we Will add that the bill of punishment strengthening for infringements on meetings has caused a wave of indignation among the Duma opposition. Parliamentary fraction of deputies - spravedlivorossov in protest at this bill have appeared at today`s session with a symbol of defenders of fair elections on jackets - white tapes.
against the bill the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and LDPR act also. All Duma opposition tried to exclude today this question from the summons of plenary session of the State Duma, however for acceptance of such decision they did not have not enough 19 voices.