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Clever Russia vs the Party in power : Ours have threatened on two parties

the New political organisation the Party in power on which creation past Monday the head of Federal agency of youth affairs (Rosmolodezh) Vasily Jakemenko, seemingly, has informed becomes not the unique party created on the basis of movement Ours .
On Wednesday will pass the congress of one more new party closed for journalists under the name Clever Russia . Its structure, predictably, also will include active workers Ours writes the New newspaper referring to a press - the secretary of movement Ours Christina Potupchik. As she said, head Rosmolodezhi to Clever Russia no any relation has.
we will remind, in mass-media there was an information that V.Jakemenko declares on May, 21st creation Clever Russia . These data earlier has confirmed To. potupchik, having assured that details will be sounded in a course a press - conferences. However V.Jakemenko at the promised meeting with journalists has informed on creation the Parties in power words without having told about Clever Russia .
I address to people of the future: it is necessary to create party and to take the power in hand, and then to change the country. Our main task - antibureaucratic revolution - head Rosmolodezhi has declared. As he said, in the new organisation which he has suggested to name the Party in power citizens at the age of 25 - 30 years on which in the maximum degree the country future depends will enter. At this V.Jakemenko has not excluded that party members can appear both participants of protest meetings, and the most talented representatives Ours .
Most likely, it is a question of two different parties created by leaders Ours . To receive explanations on this question at K.Potupchik it was not possible.
we Will add that movement Ours recently it has appeared in the centre of scandal in the light of last protest events in Russia. Known bloger, a press - the secretary of the deputy of the State Duma Ilya Ponomareva Daniel Lindele has accused of the blog nashistov and representatives of other organisations in provocations during time the March of millions . He has publicly addressed to law enforcement bodies with the request to check up participants of movement Ours on participation in mass riots on the Marsh area.
K.Potupchik, making comments in the blog of charge of D.Lindele, named them delirium, natural lie and slander . A press - the secretary Ours has demanded from blogera to remove these charges, having threatened it with judicial proceedings.