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The government: Sou Arrest - 30 - intrigues of competitors

Zamrukovoditelja of governmental body Alexey Volin has commented today on arrest of the Russian military plane of the Sou - 30 in Le Burzhe. As he said, actions concerning the Russian planes cause suspicions in an unfair competition on arms markets, flight and combat material . Attracts attention and that actions against the Russian planes are made not in the beginning of work of an air show and after domestic pilots and technics had time to show the high qualities which could appear considerably above, than it was expected by competitors - Volin has told.
the Same opinion has stated and vitse - the prime minister of the government Ilya Klebanov. As he said, Le Burzhe - the leader in the world space salon, Russia is presented on it by a powerful and strong exposition. Besides, there are wide negotiations of wasps by the countries on joint workings out of arms and military technology, and also on VTS and to possible purchases of the newest Russian technics.
in turn, zamrukovoditelja governmental body Alexey Volin vvyskazal and the second assumption: Those people who have gone on it, have put a maximum of efforts that negotiations of the French president were not easy and pleasant . Volin has noticed that Sou arrest - 30 is at all the best step on the eve of planned on 1 - on July, 3rd visit to Moscow president of France Jacque Chirac.
Ilya Klebanov also is assured available communications between Sou arrest - 30 and Jacque Chirac`s visit. all it is rather unpleasant, especially because incident with the Swiss firm has happened on the threshold of the July of visit planned for the beginning to Moscow the president of France to whom in our country attach rather great value - Klebanov has specified. It, nevertheless, has expressed hope that in the near future the management of an exhibition and a management of France which has organised salon, will state the official position.
and in the Russian foreign policy department already prepare a note of protest in connection with arrest attempt in France the Russian warplane of the SOU - 30. On it has informed a source in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. As he said, at present the uniform, accurate position on this question " is developed;. Incident a source named the extremely unpleasant and obviously unfriendly in relation to Russia. Thus he has noticed that it is not necessary to force passions and a hysteria in the given occasion . It is Enough to remember that some time ago in the French port the sailing vessel " has already been arrested; Sedov however, a toga the French court has made the decision on clearing of the ship from under arrest, the interlocutor has noted.