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In the Championship - 2002 historical matches

In the World championship on football today will be played today last matches of quarterfinals will take place. As sports analysts mark, this day can become really historical. In case of victories national teams of South Korea and Senegal become the first representatives of Asia and Africa, made the way in a semi-final of the World championships for all years of existence of tournament.
the first there will begin a match Spaniards and South Koreans. If before start of superiority very few people gives preference to Asians in this pair the return picture is now observed. Confident game of the owners conducted by skilled Dutch trainer Guus Hiddink, pleasantly surprises experts and fans all over the world. Inspired by a victory in 1/ 8 endings over Italians, South Koreans can quite beat and Spaniards. At Europeans the big problems with structure. Raul who for certain cannot spend all game is not absolutely healthy. Albelda and Tristan have few chances to appear in the field so were not up to the end restored after traumas. The unique trump which can move a bowl of scales in favour of Spaniards, is experience and skill of separate players, such as Raul, Morentes and Mendeta.
In other pair Senegal which in time already to win sympathy of fans by the excellent game, approaches to a meeting with Turks in an excellent condition. In a command is not present injured, besides key football players of a command halfbacks of Halilu Fadiga and Salif Diao which have passed a match 1/ 8 ending with Swedes will return to a system after disqualification. The African command intends to use unique chance to become the first command from the Black continent, got to the four of the best in the World championship.
for the first time for last 48 years Turkish national team participates in world championships and has already achieved the best result in the history. On the threshold of the major game Turks are adjusted optimistically. Leading attacking Hakan Shukjur and kljuchevyj defender Bjulent Korkmaz have recovered from received before damages and can take part in a today`s match. At the same time, in doubt there is a participation in a match of the injured halfbacks of Hakana Unsala and Ergjuna Penbe. However head coach Shenol Gjunesh is assured that doctors of a command will have time to return both in a system.