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In Russia - Day of memory and grief - War

in Russia on June, 22nd, 1941 has begun Today Day of memory and grief on the occasion of 61 - j anniversaries of the beginning of the Great Patriotic War is celebrated. On June, 22nd, 1941 fascist Germany has made treacherous attack to the USSR. It is supposed that this day across all Russia all entertaining actions will be cancelled and will pass memorable ceremonies.
acting the day before at the All-Russia meeting of a veteran active, the president of Russia Vladimir Putin has noted, on June, 22nd, 1941 for ever remains in memory of our people. Epoch change, new generations come, but Russia remembers and will always remember has induced soldiers of the Great Patriotic War. We are proud of labour victories of those who restored the country from ruins. Who strengthened our statehood in post-war decades, deduced the country on the advanced positions in a science, the technician, formation, culture the head of the state has told.
During the Great Patriotic War was lost more than 27 million Soviet people. Some millions have been interned in the countries axes . Millions remained invalids. This day, really became day of grief not only for Russia, but also for other republics of the former USSR.