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The USA spend DNA - the analysis of possible remains of S.Hussein

the American scientists spend DNA - the analysis of the remains presumably belonging to the former president of Iraq to Saddam Hussein and one of his sons, informs British Observer. According to the edition, in the beginning of this week the American aircraft has destroyed an automobile escort in the west of Iraq near to the Syrian border. According to the intercepted telephone negotiations, in an escort there was Saddam Hussein with the son, most likely Udeem.
Observer notices that the official Pentagon tries to deny in every possible way the arriving information about spent on irako - the Syrian border of operation. According to the British edition, it reflects the generated uncertainty of the American military men that they in general can destroy Saddam Hussein. Therefore, the newspaper concludes, command of the USA wants to receive at first incontestable proofs of death of the Iraq dictator, and already then to inform on it to the whole world.
Meanwhile US president George Bush has confirmed again determination of the United States to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Head of the White house has made such statement in a weekly broadcast appeal. Thus J. Bush has noticed that this problem will be hard, as the Iraq dictator has spent years for hiding the chemical and biological weapon which it used in the past.
at the same time the US president has specified that now the main task of the American armies in Iraq - to provide safety of the population. As informs Radio Freedom in the country the resistance centres continue to operate, and the American military man on - former are threatened with danger while they make efforts for a legality and order establishment in Iraq, has declared J. Bush.