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The USA prepare the new action the Uniform decision in Afghanistan

the American military command prepares carrying out of new large-scale military operation in the east of Afghanistan. As informs AR referring to sources in the American military command, operation the Uniform decision will begin forthcoming week in provinces of Paktija and Nangarhar. Carrying out of the actions directed on prevention of penetration into Afghanistan of armed insurgents from the next Pakistan becomes its basic purpose.
by words a press - the secretary of the American armed forces in Afghanistan colonel Rodni Devisa, forthcoming operation will consist not only from military, but also from a civil part . We should consider and study in details all requirements of the population living in frontier areas and to try to satisfy as much as possible them - has underlined R.Devis.
Now in the east of Afghanistan armies of an antiterrorist coalition already perform large-scale operation on prevention of penetration from Pakistan on the Afghani territory of insurgents the Taliban and Al - Kajedy . According to Radio Freedom military men, with aircraft support, have taken positions lengthways afgano - the Pakistan border. The representative of the American command has informed on it colonel Rodni Devis. According to R.Devisa, the Afghani forces also participate in operation.