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In Iraq the martial law

fulfilling duties of the president of Iraq Gazi al can be entered - Javer has not excluded possibility of introduction after June, 30th 2004ã. In a number of regions of the country of the martial law for the purpose of violence restraint, transfers AR.
“ This our right, but is completely not obligatory that we will make it, however we do not exclude this variant “ - has declared G al - Javer at a meeting with delegation of the American congressmen in Bagdad.
earlier possibility of introduction of the martial law in some regions of Iraq was declared by the head of time Iraq government Ijad Allavi. In what it will be shown, not specified. Probably, it is a question of such measures, as an interdiction for carrying out of demonstrations.
and in the meantime South Korean military physicians have temporarily suspended the work in Iraq. The representative of the South Korean Ministry of Defence has declared that the given decision was accepted “ for safety reasons “ Having added that this step should not be considered as the protest against abduction in Iraq South Korean citizen Kim Son Ira. “ We have arrived so as we consider that safety of our medical personnel is not provided up to the mark “ - the representative of the ministry has declared.
we will remind, the citizen of South Korea taken in hostages in Iraq, has been shown on air of the Arabian TV channel Al Jazeera. Thieves threaten to kill the Korean if their requirement about a withdrawal of troops from Iraq and refusal of a direction in this country of an additional military contingent is not satisfied within 24 hours. Official Seoul has declared that does not intend to change plans on sending of armies to Iraq.
a South Korean military contingent number nearby 600 persons are based around southern Iraq En - Nasirija. During the stay in Iraq South Korean medical officers have rendered free medical aid of 20 thousand Iraqis, transfers AR.
Also on Monday evening the American military command in Iraq has confirmed the information on  destruction in Iraq Ayr - Ramadi of four American military men. As the representative of the American military command in Iraq brigade general Mark Kimmitt has informed journalists, the four military men participating in operation to Ayr - Ramadi, at the appointed o`clock have not contacted the management.
we will remind that, under the certificate of local residents, Americans were ambushed and have been killed by insurgents. The videocassette on which bodies of victims are embodied, has appeared at the disposal of Associated Press Television News TV channel, transfers AP.
In the meantime the American armies have started to leave Kerbela within the limits of preparation for delegation of power in Iraq in hands of a transition government of the country on June, 30th of this year
As the representative of a multinational military contingent in region lieutenant colonel Robert Stsheletsky has informed on June, 21st, leaving of military men from Kerbela also testifies to situation stabilisation in a city. We will remind that in May of this year forces of a coalition have suppressed here the mutiny organised by followers of the leader of the Iraq Shiits of Muktady the expert - Sadra, transfers AP.