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Georgia threatens to carry out special action in South Ossetia

On range in one of villages of South Ossetia fighters of division of forces of the self-proclaimed republic during military doctrines have hard wounded the woman from the next Georgian village Ereti, the Minister of Internal Affairs of Georgia has informed today in Tbilisi Irakly Okruashvili. As he said, the woman is taken to hospital the Georgian city Burn.
I give to a management of South Ossetia 48 hours on detention of the guilty. Otherwise I will personally head special action and guilty will be punished according to laws of Georgia - the minister has declared.
thus he has added that Georgia does not want intensity escalation with South Ossetia, but, at the same time, do not intend to shut eyes to illegal actions from its party .
the Minister also has assumed that in doctrines, besides Osset military men from a peace-making contingent, the Russian peacemakers took part also.
we Will remind that the mixed peace-making contingent is deployed in a zone Georgian - the South Ossetia conflict already over 10 years.
one of these days the information and press department (DIP) the Ministries for Foreign Affairs of Russia has made the statement in which it is said that developed in mass media of Georgia and in statements of some the Georgian officials propaganda campaign for the purpose of discredit of the Russian peacemakers as a part of the Mixed forces on maintenance of peace (SSPM) - attempt to fall down all responsibility for intensity inflation in a zone Georgian - the Osset conflict with a sick head on healthy .
In the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have reminded that input SSPM in a conflict zone has been carried out according to Russian - the Georgian agreement on principles of settlement Georgian - the Osset conflict from June, 24th 1992., which has put an end to the armed opposition of the parties. In documents of the Mixed supervisory commission (SKK) repeatedly it was underlined that SSPM, first of all the Russian battalion of peacekeeping forces, are the main guarantor of a preservation of peace and relative stability in a conflict zone.
why after 12 years of realisation of unique peace-making operation its Russian component becomes object of attacks and the unreasonable criticism - the department asks a question. unless the Russian peacemakers expose not co-ordinated with SKK posts in a conflict zone, promoting inflation there to intensity? Unless they do not carry out the arrangements reached on June, 2nd of this year in Tskhinvali at a meeting of co-chairmen SKK? - it is underlined in extended DIP the statement.
the Russian side firmly supports necessity of refusal of a policy of intimidation and force demonstration, for strict observance of the agreement, is underlined in the document.