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At session of Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg became the new secretary general of the Council of Europe is officially declared election of the new secretary general of the Council of Europe. The representative of Great Britain Terri Devis became them. At T.Devis`s necessary 150 voices has received 157. For the present secretary general - Austrian Walter Shvimmera 91 persons have voted.
the new secretary general will enter a post on September, 1st, 2004 and will fulfil duties within 5 years.
Terri Devis, the representative of Great Britain, within 12 years was a member of Parliamentary assembly of the Council of Europe, also is the head of socialist fraction the PASS, and at parliamentary session of 2002 it has been appointed by the lecturer on political problems under the conflict in Nagornom Karabahe. The performance planned for June, 24th Devisa on the Karabakh problem in Political committee the PASS will take place, despite election.
All 3 persons applied for a post of the Secretary general of the Council of Europe - the former secretary general representing National board of Austria Walter Shvimmer, the member of parliament of Great Britain Terri Devis and the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Estonia Christina Ojuland.
we Will notice, procedure of election of the secretary general is that: the candidate is considered won if it types in the first round of 50 % of voices plus one voice, in the second round the victory is defined by simple majority of votes. As informs the Russian source, the delegation from Russia has voted T.Devisu.