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Dnestr region - for long military presence of Russia

Dnestr region supports preservation in region of the Russian military presence for long term, has declared on a press - conferences in Tiraspol the chairman of the Supreme body of Dnestr region Grigory Marakutsa. In its opinion, only this condition can become a reliable guarantee of safety of this region.
the speaker has underlined that in 2003. Tiraspol was ready to sign with Kishinev the memorandum on Dnestr settlement (developed by the plenipotentiary of the president of the Russian Federation in Southern federal district Dmitry Kozakom) under condition of signing of the document fixing military presence of Russia in Dnestr region for long time.
as he said, maintenance of such military guarantees remains to Dnestr region an indispensable condition of fair settlement of the conflict on Dnestr and today. We consider that only this condition can become a reliable guarantee of our safety, and taking into account this condition the Dnestr party has agreed then to accept the memorandum - has declared G.Marakutsa.
In its opinion, in a basis of the future project of Dnestr settlement with which the next months Russia intends to act, the same will be put all the memorandum of Kozaka . G.Marakutsa has underlined that in this document essential concessions of Moldova contained many from Dnestr region, limiting the sovereignty of the Dnestr state, which many in Tiraspol considered inadmissible.
we will remind that the memorandum has been paraphed in 2003. The president of Moldova Vladimir Voroninym and the leader of Dnestr region Igor Smirnovym also prepared for signing, however at the last minute official Kishinev has refused to sign this document.
we Will note, recently Moldova has addressed to the Council of Europe (SE) with the request to be connected to process of democratisation of Dnestr region of republic. And on June, 10th the parliament of Moldova has approved initiatives of Ukraine on settlement of the Dnestr conflict, put forward by president Victor Yushchenko. The plan of Ukraine has been transferred representatives of Kishinev and Tiraspol, the countries - to guarantors and intermediaries from Russia, Ukraine, OSCE, and also to representatives of the USA and EU.
after that the plenipotentiary of Russia at negotiations on Dnestr settlement has declared that the given plan causes many questions, has the general character, and the parties should discuss it more carefully. He also has noticed that Russia does not see necessity of connection to negotiating process on Dnestr settlement of the USA and the European union.
meanwhile experts predict in Dnestr region mode change on adzharskomu to a variant, with assignment to it subsequently the autonomy status. So, according to V.Jushchenko`s plan, after replacement in region of the Russian military men European, already new structure of the Supreme body of Dnestr region will cancel a post of the president. If it turns out, to the main enemy V.Voronina - to the leader of Dnestr region Igor Smirnovu there will be nothing of other how to run to Russia.
considering that in Dnestr region, as well as in its Supreme body, much (in region third of population is made by Ukrainians and in the same proportion - Russian and Moldavians), it is possible to assume ethnic Ukrainians that velvet revolution here will take place.
as the proof of probability of such succession of events on safety and cooperation the statement of the representative of the Organization serves in Europe (OSCE) that it is ready to organise carrying out up to the end 2005. Elections in the Supreme body of Dnestr region according to the international standards. It has expressed hope that during forthcoming session of the PAS of OSCE which will take place in the beginning of July in Washington, members of parliament will support elections.
thus the representative has underlined that if the authorities of Dnestr region will decide to hold independently an election in region, OSCE will refuse to carry out monitoring and to recognise their results. He has noticed that irrespective of results of elections the status of Dnestr region on international scene will not change. This region on - former will consider as a component of Moldova.