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J.Ehanurov does not intend to work in the government of Ukraine

the Prime minister - the minister of Ukraine Yury Ehanurov does not intend to hold any post in the new government of the country. As he has declared to journalists, it will work as the ordinary deputy .
answering a question why it has removed the nominee on a post of the speaker of parliament, J.Ehanurov has noticed that it does not answer its vital plans, and has underlined that supported creation of a wide coalition. the coalition which will be now created, has more likely left-centrist sights, and my liberal views all are known - he has told.
113 from 114 participants of session of a party council Our Ukraine have supported the offer to nominate to an office the chairman of the Supreme Rada of Ukraine a nominee of People`s Deputy Peter Poroshenko. Also at session the text of the agreement on coalition creation is accepted.
the Presidium of executive party committee of industrialists and businessmen of Ukraine has made decision to propose a nominee of leader Anatoly Kinaha on a post of the chairman of the Supreme Rada.
we Will remind that the day before Yulia Timoshenko Block (BJUT), Our Ukraine and Socialist party paraphed the coalition agreement. According to the agreement on a post of the prime minister of the government of Ukraine Yulia Timoshenko is put forward. Socialists will receive posts in a management of parliament and the government.