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The USA have estimated the offer of Russia on the ABM

the USA consider that the alternative offer of the president of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin on radar sharing in Azerbaijan is of value, in spite of the fact that remain attached to creation of elements of system of antimissile defence (ABM) in Poland and Czechia, informs Reuters referring to the statement of the assistant to the US State Secretary on the countries of Europe and Eurasia Denielja Fried.
we find the offer of president Putin curious and very interesting - D.Fried has declared during hearings in committee on the international relations of the senate. D.Fried has noticed that Washington has formally suggested Moscow to begin discussion for discussion of details of the offer.
according to D.Fried, stated on end of hearings, the main idea that Russian have let know that they need a certain system and that Iran or this region is a source of potential danger . According to D. Fried, focus should be not on one radar, and on how it can be a part of system and as these elements together can promote the general safety .
Thus the American diplomat has declared that the USA are puzzled and disturbed by last actions and statements of Russia, including concerning ABM elements in Europe and the United Nations resolution across Kosovo. we are in difficult enough period of relations - D.Fried has noted.
representative Gosdepa also has expressed a regret apropos constant deterioration democratic an expert in Russia, however has underlined necessity to avoid rhetorical race also has paid attention to presence of many areas of cooperation, such as of the relation of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea and fight against terrorism.
during bilateral negotiations in German Hajligendamme within the limits of the summit G8 Century Putin has suggested US president George Bush to place radar system of the American ABM in Azerbaijan, instead of in Czechia. The president of the Russian Federation considers possible to use with a view of a board of system of global antimissile defence created by the United States operating Gabalinsky RLS which at Azerbaijan is rented now by Russia.
V.Putin, we will remind, has suggested the American president to share the specified base, and also has specified in a number of advantages of such variant in comparison with the considered Washington a variant of placing of elements of the ABM in Poland and Czechia.
the USA intend to place in territory of Poland of 10 interceptor missiles, and also to construct radar station in the next Czechia. As the American administration declares, these measures are necessary for protection of Europe against possible rocket attacks from Iran and the North Korea.