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Italy is ready to take up command of forces of the United Nations in Lebanon

Italy is ready to take up command of forces of the United Nations in Lebanon. The Italian prime minister - minister Romano Prodi has informed on it to the secretary general of the United Nations Kofi Annan during their telephone conversation.
according to R.Prodi, K.Annan the decision on will make what country will head carrying out of peace-making operation in Lebanon, till the end of current week after the visit to the Near East. On it informs () Associated Press.
on the eve of premieres - the minister of Israel Ehud Olmert has addressed to Italy with the request to head peace-making mission of the United Nations in Lebanon. E.Olmert`s request has stated during telephone conversation from R.Prodi who, in turn, has notified the head of the Israeli government that Italy intends to send to Lebanon considerable number of the military men . Earlier head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy Massimo D`Alema has declared that Italy is ready to send to Lebanon of 3 thousand peacemakers.
Now command of Time forces of the United Nations in Lebanon (UNIFIL) is carried out by representatives of France, however to the French government the criticism that it has directed to a conflict zone only 200 military men over those 200 which already are in the country sounds.
we will remind that one of these days Israel has transferred to peacemakers of the United Nations control over more than half of occupied Lebanese territories. At present territories to the north and to the east of Mardzhajun, and also some areas to the West from this city are transferred peacemakers, transfers (Associated Press.
According to the peace agreement, the Israeli armies before leaving should transfer control over occupied territories to United Nations parts that those have transferred subsequently their armies of Lebanon.
all the UN Security Council resolution provides placing in the south of Lebanon of 15 thousand Peacemakers of the United Nations who will help the Lebanese military men to supervise this part of the country after leaving of the Israeli army. 15 - the thousand contingent of the Lebanese army which is planned to place in the same place, has started to take the positions since August, 17th.