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M.Margelov: It is not necessary to hasten with sanctions against Iran

the Chairman of committee of the Federation Council on the international affairs Michael Margelov believes that it is not necessary to hasten with sanctions against Iran in connection with the expiry of the term of the ultimatum of the UN Security Council, which Teheran, apparently, will refuse.
probably that the answer of Iran will be diplomatically formulated, - the senator has declared to the correspondent. - after all till the end of August - the term, released Iran United Nations Security Council, still had some days. Besides, to Moscow has arrived authoritative nuclear the Iranian delegation. For certain, besides technical questions, the parties will discuss also enrichment problems .
M.Margelov has underlined that nobody can formally forbid to be engaged to Iran in nuclear power. and the six (Constant councillors of Safety of the United Nations plus Germany) does not object to transformation of uranium for reception of fuel for the Iranian nuclear reactors. The main requirement to the Iranian party - to stop uranium enrichment that would mean impossibility of transition to its use in the military purposes - the senator has told.
he has noticed that the Iranian bomb will create threat of chain working out of the weapon, first of all in the Near East and in the Central Asia. Here for the sake of safety to work over it will begin both Turkey, and Saudi Arabia, and Egypt. Probably that in case of finding of the nuclear status by the North Korea to have the nuclear weapon Taiwan, Japan and South Korea will want. And the Nonproliferation treaty supposing a brisk competition of suppliers of nuclear materials, an obstacle does not become - M.Margelov has underlined.
the Senator has explained that, as a matter of fact, the contract provides creation of a certain market in interstate relations. The official nuclear club is ready to remunerate those who refuses manufacture of the nuclear weapon, and those who does not refuse, to subject to sanctions. This approach does not consider that nuclear ambitions of the countries other world not so - that simply to buy. Do not give effect neither economic sanctions, nor labels the countries - derelicts or the countries harm axes . Even on the contrary, the more the countries are strung on a harm axis or become derelicts the it is more in the weapon world - the senator has told. the answer of Iran against everything that occurs today in the Near East, puts the international community in a difficult situation. Nevertheless, to hasten with sanctions does not follow. Even the negative answer of Iran is yet red line - M.Margelov has concluded.