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Iran offers the new formula an overcoming the crisis

the Official answer of Iran to a package of initiatives the six the international intermediaries are contained by a number of counteroffers and the new formula decisions of existing disagreements, transfers (C) Associated Press referring to anonymous official sources. The text of the answer of Teheran has been handed over today to ambassadors of the countries - intermediaries - Great Britain, China, Russia, France and Germany, and also Switzerland which represents interests of the USA which do not have diplomatic relations with Iran.
other details of the Iranian answer while are unknown, however does not remain doubts that Teheran does not intend to submit to the requirement of the UN Security Council and to refuse uranium enrichment in the territory. According to the Security Council resolution, it should be made till August, 31st of this year, otherwise to the country sanctions will be applied.
On the eve of the power of Iran have refused to inspectors of the International agency on nuclear energy (IAEA) access on one of underground nuclear objects in Netenze. Then the spiritual leader of Iran ajatolla Ali Hamenei on air of national television has declared that its country not begins to refuse uranium enrichment. In the afternoon before the official representative of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Iran Hamid Reza Asefi has once again warned the European countries against introduction of sanctions concerning Iran and named the resolution of the UN Security Council demanding from Iran to stop work on enrichment of uranium, illogical and unacceptable .
we Will remind, the world community any more tries to force to refuse the first year Iran uranium enrichment in the territory, being afraid that nuclear materials will be used for weapon creation. Long and unsuccessful negotiations which conducted with Teheran the European three (France, Great Britain and Germany) have been definitively interrupted in January of this year when work on nuclear objects of Iran in Isfahan and Netenze has renewed.
After several months of mutual reproaches and appeals five constant councillors of Safety of the United Nations (Russia, the USA, China, France and Great Britain) and Germany in June 2006. Have offered Teheran a package of the initiatives containing a number of concessions. In particular, in exchange for refusal of the program of enrichment of uranium the European countries have offered Iran a nuclear reactor on light water, and the USA have expressed readiness to share nuclear workings out and technologies. Besides, the package of proposals contained a number of encouragements of economic and diplomatic character.