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The number involved in elections can exceed 3 million persons

In carrying out of forthcoming parliamentary elections will be involved over 3 million persons, the head of the Central election committee (Central Electoral Committee) Vladimir Churov has informed at passing meeting with chairmen of election committees of subjects of the Russian Federation.
As he said, in all 86 subjects of the Russian Federation regional electoral committees into which structure enter more than 1 thousand members with the casting vote right operate. On elections 2 thousand 747 territorial election committees in which will work about 24 thousand persons will operate also.
V.Churov also has noticed that voting will pass more than on 95 thousand sites. The number of members of local election committees will make about 900 thousand persons. taking into account propagandists, representatives and authorised representatives total number actively involved in elections can exceed 3 million persons - V.Churov has told. It has not excluded that in places where the big appearance of voters will be observed, additional sites will open to avoid turns.
earlier the chairman of the Central Electoral Committee noticed that has put itself an appearance lath - a minimum of 60 % . That is if on elections such quantity of voters comes, means, I and my colleagues have well held an election, - he has declared to journalists. - but it not is the task given to me by someone . Thus he has added that under the Central Electoral Committee law is obliged to provide voting possibility to everyone who is not deprived suffrages.
together with it V.Churov also repeatedly spoke about existence so-called dead souls (additions of voters). The chairman of the Central Electoral Committee noticed that an admissible error dead souls can make no more than 1 % that also it is a lot of, as 1 % from 108 million voters makes an order of 1 million persons.
Moreover, the chairman of the Central Electoral Committee of the Russian Federation told that in the European countries this figure sometimes reaches 5 million existence Principal cause dead souls V.Churov considers, these are interdepartmental errors.
we will add that in the Central Electoral Commission there passes a meeting of heads of election committees of all Russian regions.
It is informed that the chairman of the Central Electoral Committee, members of the Central Electoral Committee of Russia, representatives of federal public authorities, political parties and public organisations will take part in action.