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J.Timoshenko Yulia Timoshenko warns foreigners about threat of falsifications

A month before parliamentary elections in Ukraine warns about possible falsification of their results and urges the international community to oppose such variant.
as informs - Ukraine, the corresponding statement head BJUT has made in Ternopol where it gave interview to representatives of foreign mass-media. As she said, falsification can arise after changes in the selective legislation of Ukraine have been accepted.
it is natural that of J.Timoshenko`s possible infringements suspects Party of Regions which while is the main applicant for a victory, and predicts repetition of events of 2004 when complaints of opposition to the admitted falsifications as a result have led so-called orange revolution .
As has noted leader BJUT, the basic threat is connected by that the Party of Regions continues to drag the home voting form . If such form of voting remains valid, according to J.Timoshenko, Ukraine will lose nearby 3 - 4 million voices of citizens.
the second threat, according to leader BJUT, is connected by that those people who go abroad, I will be automatically deleted from service records . If all democratic forces of Ukraine, the world community and OSCE are not connected to this question, falsification of 2004 " can repeat; - she has told.
we will remind that some days ago the president of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko has declared that possibility of contest of results of the elections appointed for September, 30th, this time will be excluded. whatever political force waved the fists, any legal audit of results of early election on September, 30th will not be spent - the head of the Ukrainian state has promised.
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