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The government of Iraq the Prime minister - the minister of Iraq Nuri al has rejected the rigid criticism of the USA

- Maliki has declared today on a press - conferences in the Syrian capital Damascus that any country has no right to establish terms to powers to the government of Iraq .
the Iraq government has been selected by the people of Iraq, and nobody has the rights to establish terms of its powers and time borders for performance of its problems - has declared N al - Maliki, transfers Reuters.
the Statement of the Iraq prime minister has sounded in reply to criticism of the country leaders from the USA which have strengthened recently pressure upon official Iraq leaders for insufficient success in the decision of internal problems of republic.
today US president George Bush has acted with rigid criticism to a management of Iraq, having told that the Iraq government has failed, without having reached the purposes . The main point in, whether will fulfil the government of the requirement of the people: if it does not carry out them, the people change the country leaders - the American leader has added.
the day before the ambassador of the United States in Bagdad Rajan Kroker has declared that efforts of the authorities of Iraq in the problem decision on an establishment of the world in the country extremely disappoint .
In turn N al - Maliki has noticed that statements of representatives of the USA do not disturb the country government which main interests are democratic experience and adherence of the constitution of Iraq .
the Discontent of the USA is connected first of all with growing losses among the American contingent located in Iraq. So, today in the north of the country helicopter UH - 60 " has failed; the Black hawk . Onboard the car there were 14 military men of army of the USA. All of them were lost. According to military men, the helicopter has not been brought down, and has fallen for technical reasons. However, it is necessary to notice that the army of the USA seldom admits the facts of attack of the helicopters from the earth.
a situation in which there is a government of Iraq, also it is impossible to name easy. The next act of terrorism brightly testifies to it against the Iraq policemen, carried out today in Bajdzhi where the suicide bomber has rammed a police administration building on a gasoline tank truck. As a result of attack 27 persons were lost, at least, not less than 65 have got wounds. As mark country authorities, the considerable part of victims is made by civilians.
Besides, besides political problems it is necessary for Iraq authorities to solve and economic. So, for example, according to an estimation of the Ministry of Finance of Iraq, on country restoration Oil extracting - the basic article of incomes of Iraq is required at least 100 mlrd dollars - till now properly is not adjusted. Inflation for first five months 2007. Has made 46 %.
we Will add that for September, 15th of this year The ambassador of the United States in Iraq R.Kroker and the American command will act with the report before the government of the USA concerning efficiency of increase in the American contingent in Iraq.