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Georgia has accused Russia of new infringement of air border

Russia on August, 21st 2007. Has once again broken air space of Georgia, declares the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Georgia. According to the Georgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, system of antiaircraft defence have twice fixed this fact during the period from 18:46 till local time. Infringement of air border has occurred around village Omarishara of the Top Abkhazia (Kodorsky gorge).
As have informed in the Georgian foreign policy department, border infringement took place with severo - the West. Whether there were it planes or helicopters, is not specified. However according to department, the flight height made 4 thousand in m, speed - 470 - 490 km/ ch. The Flying machine has flown deep into the Georgian territory on 5 km.
in connection with the given fact the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Georgia has addressed with a note of protest in the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Russia and has demanded an immediate and accurate explanation - informs the Georgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
in turn the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation has denied the given statements. planes Russian Military - air forces over territory of Georgia did not fly to the time terms specified by the Georgian party - the chief has declared today a press - services of the Minister of Defence of Russia Vyacheslav Sedov.
Infringement of air space of Georgia, seemingly, became the basic theme in Russian - the Georgian relations. Last week Georgia was visited by the Russian delegation which took part in investigation so-called rocket business . We will remind that under the statement of the Georgian authorities, the Sou plane - 24 Russian Air Forces on August, 6th this year, having broken air space of Georgia, has dumped in a zone Georgian - the Osset conflict the radio-controlled rocket. The plane, ostensibly, has been fixed by a radar of the Minister of Defence and civil aircraft of the country.
The day before the constant representative of the Russian Federation in the United Nations Vitaly Tchurkin has informed on conclusions which have been made by the Russian experts concerning rocket falling on the Georgian territory. As he said, falling has been dramatized by the persons interested in deterioration Russian - the Georgian relations. As the diplomat has explained, the Russian experts have come to a conclusion that the given rocket has been delivered by the ground and its falling from the plane has been dramatized.
V.Tchurkin has specified in a number of the reasons on which it is possible to judge non-participation in Russian side incident. In day of falling of the rocket the plane in a conflict zone has not been noticed by the Georgian radar. Also, according to the diplomat, it is impossible to present, that the Russian rocket has not blown up from contact to the earth. Thus he has noticed that the Georgian party has admitted the offered fact after a detailed explanation the Russian experts of a technical aspect of work of the explosive mechanism of the rocket.
Besides, the plastic cover which was present on the rocket, also should collapse from contact to the earth. Nevertheless, in opinion postpreda the Russian Federation in the United Nations, the rocket technically could not blow up in case of its start-up from the Sou plane - 25 which are on arms of Georgia.
also the strangeness causes that fact that the central part of the rocket containing the information on serial number, has been hasty destroyed by the Georgian party, V.Tchurkin has specified. Besides, the structure of not broken off rocket included the substances forbidden to use in Russia. It, according to V.Tchurkin, can specify in possibility of manufacturing of the given rocket in the third countries. Refusal of Georgia from bilateral Russian - the Georgian cooperation in incident investigation looks illogical also.
we will remind, in March of this year the authorities of Georgia also declared infringement of air space by the Russian flying machines. Then, according to the republic Ministry of Internal Affairs, over Kodorsky gorge helicopters of type of Mi - 24 with devices of night vision and two planes of the Sou - 25 have flown by. In Tbilisi assert that planes and helicopters have arrived from a city of Tkvarcheli which is in unrecognized republic Abkhazia territory. In this connection in Kodorsky gorge state of emergency has been declared.
similar incident in Kodorsky gorge took place on the night of March, 12th of this year Then the Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs has informed that villages a little of the Top Abkhazia have been fired from helicopters which ostensibly belonged to the Russian peacemakers. In the Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation these charges named provocation. There were assumptions later that statements of the Georgian authorities were only an occasion to the reference to the NATO with the request to join this organisation.