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The president of Moldova hopes for dialogue with Russia

the President of Moldova Vladimir Voronin has accepted today credentials from the new plenipotentiary ambassador of the Russian Federation in Moldova Valery Kuzmin, have informed in a press - service of the head of the Moldavian state.
V.Voronin welcomed the new ambassador of the Russian Federation in Moldova, having expressed hope that its activity will promote activization Moldavian - the Russian multiplane dialogue.
the president of Moldova has highly appreciated present level of cooperation of republic with the Russian Federation, having noticed that existing legal base, agreements in area of a policy, economy and social sphere favour to cooperation activization between the countries.
he has underlined a role of the Russian Federation in settlement of the Dnestr conflict, having expressed confidence that the steady decision of a Dnestr problem will be in the long term found.
the Head of the Moldavian state also has noted presence of century friendly relations between the people of two countries, having expressed interest of the Moldavian authorities to use to the full potential of development Moldavian - the Russian relations, both on a bilateral basis, and within the limits of the CIS.
V.Voronin has congratulated the Russian ambassador on its accreditation in Moldova, having wished it fruitful activity during mandate execution, having assured of support by the country leaders in its successful realisation.