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The United Nations Security Council has left again Ossetia and Georgia without the resolution

Security council of the Organization of the incorporated nations (UNSF) once again could not accept the resolution on Georgian - to the South Ossetia conflict. Council has gathered the day before for discussion of the draught resolution brought by the Russian delegation.
the project completely repeats six points of the plan of the peaceful settlement co-ordinated by presidents of the Russian Federation and France on August, 12th 2008. In the document 6 points are listed: refusal of force application, the termination of military operations, maintenance of an easy approach to the humanitarian help, return of the Georgian formations to places of a constant disposition, a conclusion of the Russian parts and the beginning of the international discussion of the future status of Abkhazia and South Ossetia.
Representatives of the western countries have declared that support six points of the plan, however cannot accept it as the resolution as the text of the document does not contain point on territorial integrity of Georgia and does not define areas of an arrangement of the Russian armies in the future. Ambassadors of the USA, Great Britain and France at the United Nations have noticed that the project demands serious completion, transfers Associated Press.
overnight postpred in the United Nations Vitaly Tchurkin has informed the Russian Federation to journalists that Russia is not satisfied by the draught resolution on Georgia, offered by France, and brings for discussion in Security Council the project leaning on Medvedev`s plan - Sarkozy . V.Tchurkin has noticed that expects positive reaction of colleagues on Security council on the document brought by Russia.
on August, 19th the delegation of France in the third time has brought the draught resolution on Georgia in UNSF, unexpectedly having refused the document over which work in Security Council was already conducted. In last project of the French party it is told about immediate cease-fire and tap of the Russian armies on a position with which they occupied prior to the beginning of the conflict. In it the appeal to returning of armed forces of Georgia to the bases and observance before the signed agreement on cease-fire also contains.
the western diplomats in the Security Council lobby notice that France has brought the draught resolution lowering a number of points Medvedev`s plan - Sarkozy to signal to Moscow about necessity to adhere to obligations on cease-fire.
It is underlined that it has been made under the influence of the western partners disturbed by proceeding presence of the Russian armies in territory of Georgia. A number of participants of UNSF from Russia formulation explanations about " also would like to receive; additional security measures which, according to the settlement plan, will accept the Russian peacekeeping forces.