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The ambassador of the USA: Russia obosnovanno has answered an attack

the Russian armies quite obosnovanno have answered an attack on the peacemakers in South Ossetia. With such statement in interview to the newspaper “ Kommersant “ the new ambassador of the USA in Russia John Bajerle has acted.
As he said, the United States persistently convinced the Georgian party not to begin operation in South Ossetia, however as a result of Tbilisi has applied force. He has agreed with validity of a position of Russia, however has shown discontent with that under doubt territorial integrity of Georgia has been put.
“ some call into question into territorial integrity of Georgia. That is why we consider that Russia has gone too far “ - has explained a position of the country D. Bajerle.
making comments on question discussion about acceptance of Georgia in the NATO, the American ambassador has declared that while to speak about it early. As he said, much will depend on how Georgia will carry out of the obligations according to plan of Medvedev - Sarkozy. Nevertheless he has underlined that members of the North Atlantic alliance intend to discuss seriously a question on membership of Georgia in the NATO at the December summit.
telling about other complexities in relations between Moscow and Washington, the American ambassador has noticed that the USA support joining of Russia to the WTO. As he said, economic relations of two countries, “ which develop very dynamically, can serve as a certain lightning rod at political disorders between Moscow and Washington “.
John Bajerle who has arrived to Moscow in the beginning of July, already worked in Moscow in 2002 - 2005γγ. It is considered the expert on independent republics of the former USSR.