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eks - the commander of a battalion the East S.Jamadaeva have transferred to the reserve

Under the informal data, the former commander spetsbatalona GRU the East we Promise Jamadaev it is transferred to the reserve with preservation of a military rank. As has informed a source in a staff of Incorporated grouping of armies in the North Caucasus, the corresponding order was signed by the Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation Anatoly Serdjukov.
At the same time in the Ministry of Defence this information yet has not received official acknowledgement.
earlier it was informed that S.Jamadaev has been declared in federal search in connection with the criminal case got on it. Nevertheless, some days ago it at the head of a battalion the East participated in operations in territory of South Ossetia.
it is necessary to add that the announcement With. JAmadaeva in federal search became the opposition culmination between military men of battalions GRU and the Chechen militia which direct head is the president of the Chechen republic Ramzan Kadyrov.
it is definitive relations between heads of power structures of the Chechen Republic have deteriorated after incident on April, 14th when the group from 15 - 20 unknown persons in kamuflirovannoj to the clothes, armed with the automatic weapon, has prevented journey of a train of R.Kadyrov on a federal highway caucasus . The situation managed to be resolved only after intervention of the president of the Chechen Republic. Later the consequence has established participation in an event of military men of a battalion the East .
on May, 4th 2008. The Gudermessky interdistrict investigatory department has filed criminal charges on p.1 item 105 of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation (murder) concerning a group of persons led by S.Jamadaevym. The consequence suspects them of murder of the inhabitant of Gudermessky area.
With. JAmadaev in 1990 - e years was at war on the party of the Chechen separatists. In 1999. He has come over to the side of federal forces. In 2003. Has held a post of the commander spetsbatalona GRU the East the Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation. Has a rank of the lieutenant colonel, also is the Hero of Russia.