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The Russian armies have left from territory of Georgia

From territory of Georgia tap of the Russian military units helping a peace-making contingent in a zone Georgian - jugoosetinskogo the conflict is finished. The Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation Anatoly Serdjukov has reported on it today on the president of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev.
tap of armies has passed without incidents and is finished according to the schedule, at 19:50 Moscow time. The part of the taken away divisions of the Russian army already is in places of a constant disposition in territory of the Russian Federation, the minister has informed. He also has underlined that the given tap of armies is executed according to the plan of settlement of the conflict, the confirmed D.Medvedev and the head of France Nicolas Sarkozy, the radio station " transfers; Echo Moscow .
we Will remind, the plan of settlement Georgian - jugoosetinskogo the conflict has been co-ordinated on August, 12th 2008. At a meeting of presidents of Russia and France in Moscow. Six principles put in it include refusal of force use, the termination of military operations, an easy approach to the humanitarian help, return of the Georgian formations to places of their constant disposition, a conclusion of the Russian parts to a line previous the beginning of operations. Before creation of the international mechanisms the Russian peacekeeping forces accept additional security measures. The sixth principle - the beginning of the international discussion of questions of the future status of South Ossetia and Abkhazia and ways of maintenance of their strong safety. The document was signed by leaders of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, and later, with reservations, and the president of Georgia.
on August, 12th the president of Russia has made the decision on operation end on compulsion of Georgia to the world. the purpose is reached - D.Medvedev at a meeting in the Kremlin with Minister of Defence A. Serdjukovym and the chief of the Joint Staff Nikolay Makarovym has told. - Safety of our peacekeeping forces and civilians is restored. The aggressor is punished and has had considerable losses, its armed forces are disorganised .
According to the order of the supreme commander in chief, all Russian military units helping a peace-making contingent in a zone Georgian - jugoosetinskogo the conflict, should begin promotion with territory of Georgia to South Ossetia on August, 22nd at 06:00 Moscow time. As A.Serdjukov informed, during the day tap of all parts from territory of Georgia should be finished. He also noticed that within a safety zone established according to principles of settlement to which Russia strictly follows, there are only the Russian peacemakers located on specially equipped posts in quantity necessary for safety .