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The representative Solidarity threatened the journalist with physical violence

With threats of physical violence concerning the journalist of edition Politonline. ru one of co-chairmen of incorporated democratic movement " has acted on Saturday; Solidarity Vladimir Milov. Incident has occurred during meeting and the unapproved procession which have followed it which were spent on August, 22nd by oppositionists in the centre of Moscow.
journalist Oleg Volodin has been recalled by edition of the edition for illumination of the actions dated not system opposition by Day of the Russian flag. On crossing of New Arbata and Novinsky of parkway on Saturday has passed the meeting which has collected more of 50 active workers of movement Solidarity .
Upon termination of meeting oppositionists have spent unapproved demonstration on New Arbatu therefore nine persons have been detained by police officers.
According to journalist Volodina, upon termination of procession when it shared phones of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow with colleagues, Vladimir Milov has approached to it and has demanded not to appear on actions of the democratic public. It gives the words of the co-chairman turned to it Solidarity : There is nothing you to gleam here, and that on your muzzle for a long time the iron rod cries! .
oppositional movement Solidarity it has been created in 2008. Among leaders of movement - Boris Nemtsov, Lev Ponomarev, Harry Kasparov, Ivan Starikov, etc. Ranee Boris Nemtsov has declared that a main objective of movement created in Russia Solidarity there will be an upholding of an invariance of the Constitution of the Russian Federation.