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The decision on V.Buta`s destiny will accept the government of Thailand

the Final decision on an extradition of Russian businessman Victor Buta in the USA will accept the government of Thailand.
as the prime minister - the minister of Thailand has declared Aphisit Vetchachiva, the government will in details consider the decision of appeal court of Thailand then will sound the final decision according to legal aspects of business and the international agreements.
the prime minister also has expressed confidence that business of Buta will not have an adverse effect on mutual relations of Thailand and Russia, having underlined that the pressure rendered by the American side, will not affect the decision on this point in question.
we will remind, on August, 20th the appeal court of Thailand has taken out a verdict about an extradition of the Russian of V.Buta in the USA on request of the American authorities. According to a judgement, Century But, suspected of illegal traffic in arms bypassing sanctions the United Nations Organization (United Nations) and the USA, should be ekstradirovan within three months. Otherwise, as they say in a verdict, V.But can return to Russia.
head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov has expressed opinion that the decision on an extradition was not legal and political. this decision, on the basis of the information which we have, was accepted under very strong pressure from the outside. It is sad - the minister has told. He has underlined that Russia will make all necessary to achieve V.Buta`s returning home.
V.But has been detained on March, 6th 2008. In one of hotels of Bangkok. The warrant on its arrest has been given out by Thai court on demand of the United States of America. At once after a capture under guards the arrested person has declared the innocence, has informed Thai police that has arrived to Thailand as the tourist though has not specified concrete details of the travel.
According to the United Nations and the Ministry of Finance of the USA, V.But and its partners are involved in illegal arms supplies to Afghanistan, Angola, Democratic Republic Congo, Liberia, Ruanda, Sierra - Leon and Sudan. In 2002. The Belgian authorities have accused V.Buta of arms supplies to movement the Taliban and to terrorists from Al - Kajedy .
Office of Public Prosecutor of the USA on May, 6th 2008. For attempt to sell the weapon to insurgents from FARC ( Revolutionary armed forces of Colombia ) has brought V.Butu accusations in terrorism on four points. Among charges appear: occurrence in a criminal plot for the purpose of murder of citizens of the USA, murders of employees of the American companies and police officers, complicity to terrorism, and also acquisition and use of anti-aircraft missiles. Charges are partially based on record of conversation which the businessman has spent on March, 6th 2008. In Thailand with the agents who were giving out for buyers of one of terrorist groupings.