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I.Jamadaev became R.Kadyrov`s colleague who accused of death of the brother

Sensation in the Chechen Republic. Family Jamadaevyh unexpectedly declared reconciliation with the president of the Chechen Republic Ramzanom Kadyrov, the radio station " informs; Echo Moscow .
Today sworn enemies have unexpectedly met. I.Jamadaev has told that has arrived to the Chechen Republic at the desire of elders and dear relatives who have asked about a meeting with R.Kadyrov in connection with passing sacred month Ramadan.
after a meeting with the president of the Chechen Republic Isa Jamadaev has declared to journalists that they have discussed all questions and have reached the consent on all questions. I.Jamadaev has noticed that all contradictions are removed, and he and its friends are ready to become R.Kadyrov`s colleagues.
according to I.Jamadaeva, it with the president of the Chechen Republic was set at variance by any forces extending slander. I was misled by forces which are interested in that between us there was no consent for the consent between us contradicts interests of enemies of the Chechen people. And we will allow to manipulate to nobody ourselves - he has declared.
separate mass-media try is artificial to provoke the disrespectful relation between us. I with all responsibility declare that I do not have any hostility to Ramzanu Kadyrov and I am ready in every way and possibilities available for me to be its colleague. Henceforth I will allow to make to nobody on its own behalf any statements mentioning a name of Ramzana Ahmatovicha - has underlined I.Jamadaev.
we will remind, in April of this year Isa Jamadaev has addressed in the State Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation with the request to check up Ramzana Kadyrov on participation in murder of Ruslana Jamadaeva, and also attempts at it and to Sulima Jamadaeva. To I.Jamadaev`s letter has put videorecording of interrogation of former security guard Havazha Jusupova in SKP. On film H. JUsupov tells that the president of the Chechen Republic R.Kadyrov has personally ordered to it I.Jamadaeva`s murder. Thus, according to H.Jusupova, R.Kadyrov has declared that earlier has ordered murders of Sulima and Ruslana Jamadaevyh.
In April the court of the United Arab Emirates has pronounced a sentence to murderers of the Hero of Russia to Sulima Jamadaeva. The court recognised the citizen of Iran Mahdi Lorniju and the citizen of Tajikistan as Maksudzhona Ismatova accomplices of murder of the former commander of a battalion the East . They are sentenced to a life imprisonment. In business materials it is noticed that M.Lornija worked as the groom for the president of the Chechen Republic R.Kadyrov.
the authorities of the United Arab Emirates have put on the international wanted list 7 Russians suspected of participation in murder by S.Jamadaeva. Among searched the deputy of the State Duma Adam Delimhanov denying the participation in murder by S.Jamadaeva.