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The Libyan rebels have rushed into Tripoli

Groups of the Libyan rebels have rushed into Tripoli. Under one data, they practically do not meet resistance, on another - in a city there is violent fighting.
according to Reuters, rebels have entered into the western disctricts of the city from suburb Find fault with Andaluf. The interlocutor of agency has declared that the opposition column free moves on streets, victoriously shooting at air. It managed to come nearer to the centre on distance of 2 km. The city population has preferred to leave on streets and to welcome the armed oppositionists.
According to the informal data, the part of the governmental armies has laid down arms.
earlier TV channel Sky News confirmed about collisions in different parts of a city. And as both rebels, and M.Kaddafi`s supporters are dressed in civil, it was almost impossible to understand, who wins.
not clear there are conditions and round the main airport of Tripoli. According to some information, over it flutters it is red - it is black - a green panel of opposition.
before Tripoli has undergone to bombardment from the aircraft of the NATO supporting to rebels from air. The situation round Tripoli has become aggravated on Friday when after fights lasting many days rebels managed to occupy the city of Ez - Zavija, in 50 km from Tripoli. After that they had a possibility to pass on sparsely populated territory to capital and to begin fights for suburbs. Only in the night from Saturday to Sunday under Tripoli 400 persons were lost almost. Thus it is not specified, who has suffered bad losses.
according to the western mass-media, rebels have entered into Tripoli not only utility trucks on which they usually move, but also tanks.