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The Libyan rebels: the Son M.Kaddafi the Safe al - Islam is taken prisoner

the Representative of the Libyan rebels in Great Britain has declared that in Tripoli the Safe al - Islam - son Muammara Kaddafi is taken prisoner.
arrest Details are not informed. Under the informal version presented by the American journalists, rebels have surrounded hotel in which lived as foreign journalists, and the Safe al - Islam. Oppositionists have declared that will blow up a building if the son M.Kaddafi does not leave it, having promised thus to let out at first reporters.
we have given (to our divisions) instructions that with captured it is necessary to treat kindly that it could appear before court - the representative of rebels has told.
later oppositionists have declared that in a captivity other son M.Kaddafi Mohammed has surrendered also. On air of TV channel Al Jazeera one of field commanders has declared that informs on it from Mohammed`s house.
Also rebels assert that in Tripoli it parts of personal guards of M.Kaddafi which as was considered, should be at war for the leader to the last have surrendered.
we will remind, the Safe al - Islam last months time and again spoke on behalf a name of the Libyan government, denying messages of the western mass-media on crimes of the father.