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B.Obama: Tripoli is pulled out from a tyranny vice

US president Barack Obama has made the statement in connection with latest developments in Libya where groups of rebels have seized country Tripoli capital.
without waiting the terminations of fights, head of the White house has declared that Tripoli is pulled out from a tyranny vice . It has expressed confidence that the mode of Muammara Kaddafi has reached a final point and has urged the colonel to recognise the defeat, having refused the power.
thus B.Obama has promised that the USA and their allies will continue to protect the Libyan people and to help it on a way to construction of a democratic society.
as to the Transitive national board heading forces of opposition, according to head of the White house, he should respect the rights of citizens of Libya.
the USA were among initiators of military operation against M.Kaddafi`s mode thanks to which rebels managed to stop approach of the governmental armies to Bengasi even in the spring. Let`s add, as today`s approach of opposition to Tripoli has begun with the next bombardments of the central areas Tripoli. Affirmed that their purpose was protection of the Libyan people .
Meanwhile the congratulations to rebels were sent also by heads of the Palestinian movement Hamas declared that M.Kaddafi`s defeat will open to the Libyan people a way fortunately and to prosperity.