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The court in the Hague has confirmed capture of the son of M.Kaddafi

the International criminal court in the Hague has confirmed capture by the Libyan rebels of son Muammara Kaddafi Saifa al - Islam. Earlier the supporter of opposition which on the night of August, 22nd has undertaken storm of Tripoli, has declared that it the elder son of the leader of the state - Mohammed has surrendered also. He in interview to TV channel Al Jazeera has declared that rebels hold it under house arrest and that its safety is guaranteed.
that occurs now in Tripoli, the inconsistent information arrives. Rebels assert that completely supervise the Libyan capital, except military base of Women al - Azizija. Later TV channel Sky News has informed that insurgents managed to take over the control of city centre. According to all available information, the opposition has grasped a building of the state radio station in the Libyan capital.
in the course of storm of Tripoli it was informed that M.Kaddafi is ready to negotiations with risen and urges them to stop operations. Thus the Libyan leader ostensibly wants to carry on negotiations directly with the head of Transitive national board - the authority created by opposition and sitting at Bengasi.
on the state television of Libya have transferred M.Kaddafi`s appeal to all Libyans to rise on protection of capital against rebels, however it seems that the population of Tripoli without enthusiasm has apprehended speech of leader Dzhamahirii: in a city green flags and portraits of the colonel are free destroyed, and on a central square even spontaneous festival in honour of an opposition victory is arranged.
according to Ministry of Health of Libya, fights for capital of the country which have begun in the night from 20 for August, 21st 2011., for incomplete days have carried away lives more than 1 thousand persons.