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M.Kaddafi plans flight to Southern Africa

Representatives of colonel Muammara Kaddafi carry on negotiations with Southern - the African Republic for possibility of emigration from Libya. According to sources Al Jazeera, other most probable routes of flight are Zimbabwe and Angola.
however the head of School of management in Dubai Tarik Jusef considers that M.Kaddafi will wish to go to the republic of South Africa. We will notice that it not the first similar hearings: earlier it was already informed that the colonel has taken cover in Southern - the African Republic. However later M.Kaddafi has refuted similar statements, having appeared on public.
we will remind, M.Kaddafi`s position at present the critical: on the night of August, 22nd it became known that opposition armies have managed to take Tripoli. In hands of supporters of M.Kaddafi there was only military base of Women al - Azizija, and also small area in which there is a bunker of leader Dzhamahirii.
Insurgents have taken prisoner sons of the colonel - the Safe al - Islam and Mohammed, and also have grasped port of Tripoli, a building of the state television and radio, the international airport and the highway conducting to the Tunisian border.
M.Kaddafi`s mercenaries on - former keep separate areas in the east of Tripoli. According to opposition, in the power of M.Kaddafi remains only 15 - 20 % of territory of the country. At the moment at a building of residence of head of Libyan Dzhamahirii bloody collisions were developed.
as transfers Associated Press referring to the representative of rebels Mohammed Abdelja - Rahmana, to forces of opposition resistance is rendered by the governmental tank connections which were put forward from area of Women of Al - Azizija. The eyewitnesses who are nearby to a zone of fights, inform on a series of powerful explosions and stutters of a machine gun.