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Onishchenko the Main health officer was fond gorilkoj

the Head of Federal Agency of supervision in sphere of protection of the rights of consumers and well-being of the person (Rospotrebnadzor) Gennady Onishchenko has disposed to check up recently alcoholic production from Ukraine

became one of the outstanding public figures defining a state of affairs in the Russian alcoholic market. In the spring its department has forbidden import of wine of the Moldavian and Georgian manufacturers. And in the near future their fate can divide and the Ukrainian wine makers: on Friday g - n Onishchenko has disposed to check up their production on conformity sanitary - to epidemiological norms.

on Friday regional governments of Rospotrebnadzora have received the order to start control of conformity of the Ukrainian alcohol to requirements of the Russian standards. The special attention it is entrusted for turning on suppliers and manufacturers, earlier in the Russian market not working. At checks the origin of raw materials which is used at production, technological possibilities of the enterprises and conformity of alcohol to safety requirements first of all should be checked.

suspicions that Rospotrebnadzor can begin any checks concerning the Ukrainian production, at participants of the market have appeared not so long ago when the main health officer has declared that to Russia by re-export through Ukraine are delivered spirtosoderzhashchie to a liquid c to territory of Moldova. Then g - n Onishchenko has noticed that volumes of deliveries of alcoholic production from already known Ukrainian manufacturers have sharply increased.

after the spring of this year had been entered an interdiction for import of wine from Moldova and Georgia, experts have assumed that at the heart of it the political component can lie: Georgia shortly before it has demanded to deduce the Russian military bases from the territory, and Moldova was guilty Weakening of positions of Russia in the Dnestr conflict.

in a case with Ukraine some participants of the market also see a policy. I do not have doubts that checks of Rospotrebnadzora are connected by that last week Ukraine has decided to refuse the Russian gas since 2007 - have declared daily in one of the companies - importers. Also there have informed that most likely the interdiction will be entered on wine as many manufacturers in Ukraine use the Moldavian raw materials. The share of the Ukrainian wine in the Russian market, by some estimations, makes no more than 3 %.

the Ukrainian vodka companies - Nemiroff and Hortitsa - have hastened to let out on Friday special a press - releases in connection with statements of the main health officer. All production of the company has sanitary - the epidemiological conclusion about its safety, given out by Rospotrebnazorom, - is declared, in particular, in message Nemiroff. - Company Nemiroff co-operates with State Unitary Enterprise The Moscow quality carrying out additional voluntary certification of production .

Participants of the market do not exclude that so prompt reaction from Ukrainian vodochnikov can mean that the statement of Rosportebnadzora has really excited them. to predict, as the situation will develop, now still it is impossible, but it is possible to assume only that if the interdiction for the Ukrainian hard liquor will be entered - and these are not less than 10 % of the Russian market, - repartition will be rigid - the head of department on public relations " has declared daily; Synergies Andrey Malafeev. First of all, by words g - on Malafeeva, in this situation will win the Union - Viktan having capacities in territory of Russia.