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Russia Today will start talking on - ispanski

For this state can allocate to it 25 million dollars

the Russian authorities will allocate from the federal budget of 25 million dollars for creation of the Spanish-speaking version of information TV channel Russia Today. About it daily has told a source close to management ANO TV - News . The TV channel is created for an announcement to Latin America. Experts agree that to provide interests of our country in this region, support of mass media is really necessary, but say that tactics of the Russian authorities is very rectilinear and inefficient.

as has informed daily a source in ANO TV - News (the founder of TV channel Russia Today), next year the organisation will start to create Spanish-speaking TV channel. It will broadcast through the companion to Latin America - region to which Russia shows the increasing interest. According to the source, for new TV channel already reserve capacities. from the federal budget for 2007 allocation 2,4 mlrd rbl., almost 90 million dollars - on the state support ANO " is provided; TV - News . From them 30 million dollars intend to English-speaking TV channel Russia Today, 35 million invest in the Arabian bureau Rusija Alaum which start is planned for the end of this year. On the remained means will create Spanish-speaking TV channel - has told a source.

representatives TV - News this information deny. these plans while exist at level of conversations. Documents in which the concept of TV channel and its technical parametres while is not present, at least in our organisation " would be registered; - the chief of department of marketing Russia Today Vadim Samodurov speaks. About that intentions to organise Spanish-speaking TV channel really exist, the interlocutor of the newspaper in RIA Novosti news agency has confirmed, however, as he said, any real steps on its creation can be undertaken only after budget acceptance.

analysts and participants of the market consider that 25 million dollars TV - to News quite will suffice to base one more information TV channel and to rent additional companions, to begin an announcement to the South America. However representatives of TV channel say that such problem before them is not necessary and for today the basic priority - expansion of geography of an announcement.

the deputy director of Institute of Latin America of the Russian Academy of Sciences Vadim Teperman considers that growing trade relations with the South America demand information support. Latin America just as Asia and Africa, now uses basically the western sources of the information. And in the West our shape in many respects negative, sometimes fairly, sometimes artificially. So we need to deliver own point of view - Vadim Teperman considers. In turn, managing analytical department of Institute of the political and military analysis Alexander Hramchihin considers that Russia wants to increase the influence in this region against a growing Antiamericanism. now in Latin America from Mexico to Bolivia to the power the left come. Probably, the Russian authorities hope to find here more an appreciative audience - speaks g - n Hramchihin. He notices that behind creation arabo - and Spanish-speaking TV channels there can be a management decision perepozitsionirovat the channel on other audience: the English-speaking world does not perceive semi-official Russia Today, he in general is heavy for perceiving seriously .

The policy of our country in Latin America really should be supported with a background which is created by mass media. But, as our authorities have got used to solve in Russia these questions by means of television, they and start this project. This tactics very rectilinear and wrong. If to go on this way, it is necessary potihonechku to buy up their mass media - the expert, wished to remain not named explains.


That such Russia Today

the Independent noncommercial organisation TV - News - structure, affilirovannaja with the state RIA Novosti news agency. A problem of round-the-clock information channel Russia Today founded by it - formation of a positive image of Russia abroad. To broadcast TV channel has begun in the end of the last year. In 2005 from the budget and in the form of commercial credits to it it has been allocated by 30 million dollars Which have gone on purchase of the newest digital equipment and employment of foreign experts. The order of Ministry of culture of Russian Federation N512 from October, 26th, 2005 TV - News has been entered in the list addressees of the state grants.

by the end of current year TV - News plans to let out in an aether the Arabian channel Rusija Alaum the former head of the Moscow bureau " will supervise which; Al - Dzhaziry to Acres of Huzam. For start of this channel it is spent, under the different data, 30 - 35 million dollars

Russia Today broadcasts on territory practically the whole world: companion Intelsat Americas 5 broadcasts to the North America, Canada and Mexico, Hotbird - 6 and Eutelsat W4 - on territory of Europe, and Thaicom - 5 - to Asia, Africa, Australia and New Zealand. The South America and the Western Africa, but is not captured only, according to the chief of department of marketing Russia Today Vadim Samodurova, the TV channel continues to expand announcement geography, and negotiations are now carried on for an exit in these regions.