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According to the International federation sound recording (IFPI) Try, music sales on the Internet and through cellular networks more than have doubled and have reached 945 million dollars in the first half of the year 2006. In Russia, according to domestic players of the market, on electronic sales of music 18 % of total amount of audioproduction are necessary. For the Russian musical industry this year should become epoch-making: on-line sellers of music assure that the market makes an attempt for the first time to become legal.

judging by data IFPI, the basic driver of growth of the world market of audioproduction of a steel of sale of music through the Internet and cellular networks. Against the general reduction of the musical market on 4 % electronic sales of music have grown first six months 2006 prior to 945 million dollars that on 106 % more than in the first half of the year 2005. As a whole on on-line sales of audio 11 % of the musical market now are necessary, in December, 2005 the share of electronic trade in music was twice less - 5,5 %.

the Greatest market of digital music in money terms became the USA. The American sales of an audiocontent through the Network have reached 513 million dollars in the first half of the year 2006, having increased by 84 % in comparison with sales for the same period of last year. As a whole on the Internet 18 % of all audiocontent have been sold.

more often from the Network download music in South Korea: here on a share of electronic sales it is necessary 51 % of all musical market, in Japan - only 11 %, in Italy and Great Britain - 9 and 8 % accordingly.

it is remarkable that in Japan, Italy and Spain, according to IFPI, through cellular networks 85 %, 76 % and 78 % of all music sold on digital channels are downloaded accordingly. And in England, and the USA music prefer to buy Germany on the Internet. Here on on-line purchases of audio it is necessary on the average about 65 % of electronic sales of music.

in the meantime an audiocontent on material carriers (cartridges, CD - and DVD - disks) loses a share in the musical market: for the first half of the year 2006 of sale of disks and cartridges with audio records were reduced to 10 %. From - for it the audiomarket total amount has decreased for 4 %, to 8,4 mlrd dollars (13,7 mlrd dollars in retail prices).

the Russian distributors of music mark discrepancy of the domestic audiomarket: at obvious reduction of sales of audiocassettes their manufacture at legal factories grows, and the electronic market of music in general hardly gives in to calculations from - for illegal sales of audiofiles and distribution of free musical resources. sales of the various audiocarriers which are let out by our publishing house, have grown from the beginning of year approximately on 10 %. And we mark the big growth of a segment of audiocassettes: The volume of their manufacture has increased approximately by 25 %. As pirates have left from this market, and certain demand still remained, we increase manufacture - the head of a group of companies " has told daily; Jam Andrey Tcherkasov. The few undertake to judge volumes - music sales in our country the Internet. in Russia the share of digital sales of music comes nearer to 18 % from total number of purchases of audioproduction, - the general director of Open Company " tells; Saundkej Sofia Sokolova. - However, about 90 % of sales of music on the Internet there is without the coordination with the legal owner, otherwise, overwhelming number of production is not licensed . Legal platforms began to appear only this summer - the head of a multimedia direction of portal Rambler of Daredzhan Mityaev has told.

according to the director for marketing of the telecommunication company the Caravan Andrey Tsumanova, the share of legal sale of a musical content in the Russian segment of the Internet is insignificant. it is caused by imperfection of the law About the author`s and adjacent rights and absence of really working mechanisms on protection of interests of legal owners on the Internet, - he speaks. - the paradoxical situation as a result is created. For the same content it is possible to pay, and it is possible to receive it absolutely free of charge and not to be afraid for consequences .